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User Image stephmills7 Posted: Feb 25, 2018 4:10 AM (UTC)

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For dinner: creamy carrot noodles with cashew alfredo, cooked a whole chicken in the instant pot and added that in! 😋 for appetizer baked sweet potato fries with cumin, garlic, chili powder. Pretty yummy #paleolife #casheweverything #eatingood
User Image whole30_d Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:35 AM (UTC)

1 Gingham
That time I got the B I G G E S T @gtskombucha and I was soooo happy about it (despite my serious "imogetchosucka" expression). #kumbuchaasbigasyourhead #kombucha
User Image caloriesdayoff Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:33 AM (UTC)
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Customized ramen #nofilter 🍜🍜 Menu: Shio Chashu Ramen
Price: $12.45
Location: Danbo Robson St. #Vancouver
ราเมนข้อสอบแบบไม่ต้องทำข้อสอบ งงป่ะ 5555 งง
ราเมนร้านโปรด กินกี่ทีก็ไม่เบื่อ เลือกเส้นได้ เลือกความนิ่มของเส้นได้ เลือกได้หมด จะเอาอะไรเค้าก็จดให้ รักเลย #caloriesdayoff
User Image paleobailey Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:36 AM (UTC)

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I've always loved traveling, but doing it before used to be hard, and most of the trip itself was centered around food, and was another excuse for me to cram more of it into my mouth. In this first picture, I was almost 60 pounds down, felt great, and it was my first glimpse at what I had been missing out on by not feeling good in new places.
Now, things are A LOT different. I learned I can choose food, and let missing out on experiences be my hard, or, I can make having things that make me feel my best a priority without letting travel be another excuse. I pick the latter.
I brought a ton of healthy stuff with me on this trip, especially my favorite, most convenient @vitalproteins products as a way to keep my routine as close to normal, made my meals as much as possible, and am making sure I'm making sticking to my plan as easy as possible. If you're wondering what @vitalproteins products would be the best fit for YOUR life and routine, I published a complete guide to @vitalproteins and it's on the blog now!!
It's not hard to plan ahead a little bit. What's hard is missing out and letting yourself stay in your own way and knowing you don't get that time back. I wasted far too many years doing that and I'm not signing myself up for missed opportunities anymore 🙌🏻❤️
#sponsored #vitalproteins #whole30
User Image life_with_sibo Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:10 AM (UTC)

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Homemade liver pate with 🥓 Did you know liver is a potent superfood that has tons of nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, zinc and vitamin A and D? It's a weird texture but much more palatable in pate form -- you gotta get creative with #sibo. I froze some of it and will eat the rest on seeded crackers or cucumber slices #sibodiet #makingthebestofit #paleo #paleolife
User Image paleowarehouse Posted: Feb 25, 2018 3:08 AM (UTC)

1 Clarendon
We get so excited about finding new paleo friendly products and absolutely love sharing them with you. 💚
Who’s already dreaming of brunch tomorrow?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ What’s your go-to brunch food? (Surprise: mine is eggs and potatoes😉)
User Image optimalwellnessnutrition Posted: Feb 25, 2018 2:53 AM (UTC)

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Because there is NO safe threshold for lead exposure...
Because I suffered from nocturnal seizures for years as a result of heavy metal toxicity and I am still trying to recover from the damage to my brain...
Because too many people I care about have suffered from cancer, autoimmune diseases, and hormone disruption and more...
The more I learn about Beautycounter, the more respect I have for this company! I am so proud of our efforts to make this industry safer for everyone! I am truly proud to be a part of this movement!
In celebration of Beautycounter’s 5th anniversary and trip to D.C. to urge Congress to pass more health protective laws for the personal care industry, we have launched the Beautycounter Red intense lipstick!💄💋 It is long-lasting and seriously perfect for all skin tones!
Ingredients used in personal care products aren’t required to be tested for safety on human health. We’re working to change that.
We prohibit the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients in our products.
💥 Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 to urge Congress to act
💥Ask your senators to co-sponsor the Personal Care Products Safety Act (link in profile)
💥 Wear the lipstick and tag a photo on Instagram @beautycounter with #ThisTimeItsPersonal
💥Help spread the word of our movement by sharing Beautycounter Red with someone you love!❤️ For a limited time, BUY 2 and SAVE $10! (Link in profile)
You can read about why our reds are safer! (link in profile)
User Image emilyswholelife Posted: Feb 25, 2018 2:46 AM (UTC)

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Of course after buying all the groceries I then don’t actually feel like cooking any of it for dinner ... we had a coupon for Red Robin that was expiring and I had a few other things to prep in the kitchen so we grabbed dinner to-go! Cobb salad without blue cheese and made a Dijon vinaigrette at home 😊#
#lifeafterwhole30 #foodfreedomforever

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