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Are shoe pictures still a thing on Instagram? #passé #couldnthelpit Happy weekend, everybody! I'm so happy that it's so bright at 8pm! Yay, summer!
Some of my favourite things. :) Hope everyone's Wednesday is going well! 💙
The Shan is in Singapore! Off we go to get scared out of our wits at USS's Halloween Horror Nights. #why
So this happened. Was sending my friends in Singapore a video message when I got video bombed by @shanm. Such talent! Hahah
Swing-a-ding-a-ling-selfing! Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. ☀️😊
Presenting our mint kitchen wall! This will be our little dining nook. I can't seem to capture the exact shade of the mint, but it's brighter and happier in person! This is exciting. Can't wait to put it all together. Up next, touching up the floor skirting. 😊
Hipster alert, hipster alert, hipsterrrr alert!!! Ohhhmygodddd this picture. 😱
How to take selfies. Kindly refer to sunglasses. O_O
I would like to say I'm too cool for Valentines' Day, but my heart can't pass up any excuse to dress up and go for dinner. Also, we are stuck in traffic. But hey, quality time amiright! ;)
This picture was taken by the mighty beautiful and talented @sallyhanreck at our #igersmelbapr14 meet up yesterday! Love it so much, I had to repost! Thank you, so so so very much, Sally! Love this. 🙏😊❤️
It has been two years since this boy first said hello, and what beautiful, lovely, and crazy mad cap adventures we've had around the world. Thank you for everything, @shanm. 😊 And @wonderdru, thank you for totally pimpin out this picture. Haha!
The city may go dark, but you will always be the light in my life. :) I haven't done a video like this with us, but I hope you will like it regardless. ❤️😳😊
Although I'm back home for holidays in the place that I love and am with the people whom I love, I am greatly missing this human. This makes me sad because it is beginning to dawn on me that either way, there is always going to be someone I will miss, and people I can't be there for. :'(