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User Image thecurvybrokegirl Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:14 PM (UTC)

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Ever felt disgusted after looking in the mirror? Watch this #curvyqueenoftheday @asia_penelope
User Image david_crowmer Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:14 PM (UTC)

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#throwbackthursday to biceps with @infidel_actual22. Open up your chest when doing single arm preacher curls to isolate the bicep as much as possible. Focus and squeeze at the top. Get full range of motion and control the weight! Don’t let the weight control you. #ownthedash
User Image adribella13 Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:14 PM (UTC)
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✨Your Story is Unique & so so Different .. & Not Worthy of Comparison 😉🌟 #OwnIt #Gratitude #ItsMyLife #SoyLaQueHay #UniquelyMe 💁🏼‍♀️ #TBT
User Image midietitian Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:08 PM (UTC)

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Taking some time to reflect on the year ✨ There has been so much growth and learning this past year all as the result of taking on the role of being a health coach. I never imagined that there would be a job out there that the my job description would be to become the best version of myself. 2018 has some amazing doors that are already opening. 🚪 . Today will be one of the last days of the year that I will be sharing in a Live video about what I do as a coach and how it may be something that could also change YOUR life as well. Don’t let another year pass you by without making some new leap of change. Message me for the direct link - no obligations just info 😊
User Image kamtajcoaching Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:08 PM (UTC)

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This quote is something we should all remember! We are so easily influenced by external noise. And even though we take joy in surrounding ourselves with people and listening to others' voices, it's easy for our OWN voice to get lost in the noise.

A lot of us fear being alone. We don't want to be seen sitting by ourselves in a coffee shop for fear that others will judge us. We don't want to be apart from the people we love for fear that they'll leave us behind. We don't want to be left alone with our own thoughts, fearing what we might find...

But we have to overcome this! We need to spend time with ourselves in solitude, away from external noise, open and receptive to learning about ourselves. Whatever we find, whether they're deep flaws and insecurities or strengths and positive qualities, will only empower us as we strive to make the most of our time in this world!

We should never JUDGE what we feel, or what we find within - instead, we should simply accept it for what it is, and ask ourselves what we can do to change it to what we WANT it to be! What we find is simply a representation of how we feel at this moment in time - it is NOT a definition of who we are, and who we are doomed to remain!

Why? Because we are ALWAYS CHANGING! So, make time for yourself frequently in order to stay AWARE of how you're changing! Go for a walk in nature surrounded only by trees and fields. Sit alone in an empty coffee shop with only your books and your thoughts to keep you company. Embrace solitude, and get to know yourself! 😊🙏🏽
User Image uncommonchick Posted: Dec 14, 2017 7:03 PM (UTC)

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User Image tonosdemiranda Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:57 PM (UTC)
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May 2017.
This picture was taken before traveling from Pamplona to Bilbao for a Renoir expo. You can't imagine how excited I was!
Now it's a reminder. A reminder that I want to live, to travel, to gain knowledge, to feel free, to explore my potential. I can't go back. It's obviously a possibility: I could CHOOSE to listen to the lies my ed is telling me, return to those bad habits I know too well, and be miserable.
But I won't. The pain feels unbearable and the urges extremely strong. So what. I'll own this discomfort and I'll rise.
If I go back, I don't know when I'll get better. Months? Years? Never...?
If I keep going, one thing's for sure: my dreams won't feel so far away and the chance to travel the world will be greater.
When put as simple as that, the choice is pretty easy. The fight isn't. But good things always cost something, and I can't rush what I want to last forever. 🌻
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User Image spiritbodynatural Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:54 PM (UTC)

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"Really uncomfortable alert"
I went out of my comfort zone today to express my struggle with self hate. My whole life I have struggled with self love and acceptance. When I was 8 years old I had 18 planters warts on my chin and cheeks that has to be removed by hand. I have visible scars on my chin from those. I also had big front teeth and I would get made fun of and called names everyday at school and at home. I hated smiling for that reason. When I got into junior high it was "I had to big of a forehead." Everyone said I had a five head. So I cut my bangs, would slit my wrists, and get high to numb my pain. I was sexually abused at 13 and raped at 15. Made my self confidence drop and I felt lower than the dirt I walked on. In high school I was the whore, slut, and no one wanted anything to do with me...TILL.... I met my sweetheart @justinmeibos he didn't care about all that. Not my scars, not my head, not my teeth, and definitely not the rumors. I had a big heart but was hurt so much and he could see it because he didn't care what others thought. HE IS MY HERO! He loves me without makeup, he holds me when I cry, he loves my extra skin from having his babies, adult acne, c section, hysterectomy, appendectomy, gallbladder removal and that I can play dot to dot on my stomach. He don't care that I lost my breasts because I fed all three of my babies when they were born. Him loving me has taught me to love myself. Our looks are only a fraction of what matters in the world. If you could see how colorful our souls are, you would see looks don't matter. #selflove #healing #doingsomethingnew #new #scary #weird #art #happiness #selfcare #selfworth #unique #loveyourself #soul #yogamom #healing #share #model #create #awareness #ownit share with someone that can use healing.
User Image kmesheski Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:50 PM (UTC)

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Somewhere beneath the veggies and chicken lays a bed of lettuce and brown rice...
#lunch #sogood #veggies #thisishowiroll
A not so bright Thursday - brightened up by the best not-so-secret Santa
AKA @arvind_lall
User Image vikingsndeadlifts Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:52 PM (UTC)

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Fuck's your fault!! Own that shit and fix whatever issues you're having in order to kick ass!!! Meal prep not fault. Not enough fault. Not getting fault. ALL MY DOING!! These things are in my power to control just like everything else...I'm the asshole who slacked for a few days and paid for it. Now...moving forward to the last few weeks of training and then rest before I step on the platform. YOU are in control of your goals...act accordingly and smash!!!! #fuckexcuses #ownit #powerlifting #powerlifter #massmonster #feedmefightme #competitor #enhancedathlete #beast #liveandlearn #mealprep #hydrate #healthylife #plugs #plugsporn #mysticmetals #modified #beardporn #beardedheathen #berserker #viking #germanic #foodforthought
User Image lovlai2u Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:51 PM (UTC)

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Unapologetically in that order!!! Quote of today: "Own it and be a fucking savage"! #quotes #livebyyourownrules #beyou #fuckwhattheythinkorsay #unapologetically #savage #ownit
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