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User Image dsurfsk8 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 12:32 PM (UTC)
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O café da manhã hoje foi com a @overloadsom nosso parceiro comercial de Luzes, Som e Imagens. #dsufskate #overload
There is nothing more disheartening than training in a gym or leaving a gym and not feeling fully confident that you had a good session or that you have done enough to grow or make ‘gains’.
This is why structure is vital. Without a specific programme, it can be very hard to monitor progress. Designing a programme that will suit your specific goals is the first key component. One then has to execute the programme over a certain period of time aiming to progressively overload or in simple terms aim to get stronger each week and month.
Progressive overload does not mean one will be adding 5kg to each exercise every week, this is just unrealistic. Overload can be applied through extra reps, sets, weight, and even different intensities such as supersets, forced reps and so on. You are essentially giving the body more stress to respond to over time. This doesn’t mean one will always beat their previous numbers, we are human. Once you are progressing over time on a weekly and monthly basis, you are giving your body the opportunity to grow.
If you think about it logically, if you change up your session each week, how can you measure if you are getting stronger when the exercise and structure is always changing.
If you are struggling to see progress or feel as though you are the same size, strength for a while now, chances are your programme or lack of programming could be the issue.
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User Image novoisioro Posted: Nov 21, 2017 12:28 PM (UTC)
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Gave his remarks during the 3rd Annual ICAO WORLD Aviation Forum in Abuja.
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User Image ninemonthson Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:36 AM (UTC)
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O V E R L O A D 💛 Our latest episode is live over on iTunes (link on bio), on your favourite podcast app and lots more on #ninemonthson #mentalload #overload #parenting #babybrain
User Image mattratcliffe_87 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:25 AM (UTC)
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Following on from a good post from @vwilson_pt this morning this shows my “progress” over the last 4 months.
On the left at the end of my recomp phase and probably the leanest I’ve been for sometime to the right 25-30lb heavier taken this weekend.
To continually develop and get stronger a calorie surplus is needed and with that comes the inevitable fat gain...often it can be a bit of a head f$#k especially when you’re used to staying fairly lean year round but it’s needed to reach the long term goals.
I’m happy with the way things are headed and looking forward to seeing how things look with another 5-10lb on! PS. I’m not actually wearing sunglasses in the right pic...purely for comparison purposes 😎#crphysique #physique #mensphysique #bodybuilding #progress #weight #growth #weights #diet #bulk #cut #overload #work #workout #transform #transformationtuesday #progresspic #ukfitness #fitness #instagram #follow #followforfollow #like #like4like #fitnessmotivation

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