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The butcher was not sure if it was sashimi quality so, better safe than sorry :) #tuna #lunch #seared a little #overdone
When you order 60x T-nuts and they come -individually packaged and with serial numbers ! It's nuts ! #madness #nuts #packaging #overdone
Why so extreme? Read Dr Kacki's latest blog for insight. Link in bio. #overdone #toomuch #goodgonebad #extreme
passive aggressive much? oh yes binch. YO dont feel bad if you make these still i bet they’re great anyways. this is just my opinion >:))))
not hating on these opinions i even agree with someone of them but i’m saying maybe they’re not as unpopular as you thought. i forgot hates summer or bacon.
i’m all of them. i’m gonna do the name aesthetics i promise kdnsksnd
pied piper and stigma and SILVER SPOON DJSNS
i’m power but also baby but i wish i was lotto
im unfair & tender love oof also ignore all the typos OK
i’m all of them comment what u get i wanna make this into a series jdnskdns wow
Those Gothic cathedral architects believe if a little is good, a lot is better. 🇧🇷Os arquitetos dos catedrais góticos deveriam ter credo que se um pouco é bom, muito é melhor. #gothiccathedral #highaltar #overdone #demais #toledo #stamariadetoledo
all i do is talk about chanyeol i hate myself.
just a headsup. comment your name + a color below for a name aesthetic