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It's kind of free! At least I can use it, or well I can wash my own hair. Now training will commence. #fracturedhand #outofcast #freedom
Out of my cast today Fri Dec 11, 2015!! Still can not walk or put pressure on my right ankle until January 2016. This is my right leg in temporary bandage for tonight. I "graduated" to a walker boot which will post in next pic. #lindacflint #outofcast #castoff #castoffday #temporarybandage
After 4 weeks in a cast, I finally have it off and am now in a boot. This boot allows me to slowly start putting weight onto it. Still need my crutches tho. Hopefully can start getting back into training by late January :D I even got the special boot, which has a thing that allows me to put air in it to acts as an extra cushion, and also has a curved bottom so it makes it easier to slowly put weight onto it. #boot #outofcast #yaaaaayyyyy #reboundairwalker
Goodbye crutches and weird foot condoms, hope to never need you again🙆🙆#brokenankle #outofcast #sostoked #cantwaittowearmyskinnys