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Each place of worship, apart from its religious value will be found to have some surreal beauty of its own.
This centuries old architecture had its own artistic prose, invisible amidst the human cacophony. After an aeon, I could catch this rare glimpse!

Jeremy (@tidesinourveins) asked me to help out with a shoot for @sperry last weekend. The 24 hour trip out to the Channel Islands was nothing short of mind blowing and I still have a sunburn to prove it.
As many of you may know, I’ve decided to take time off to travel the world and look/create the next big opportunity. I’m applying for a couple of dream jobs within and outside the U.S. and until something comes up, I will be launching my website, partnering with companies, hopefully securing sponsorships and will see where it leads! Stay tuned for more updates and in the mean-time cheers to one of the most incredible cities in the world! I can’t thank you all enough for your support and for following my journey.. if you have any ideas or leads for people/companies I should connect with especially as it relates to the travel space, please keep me in mind! ^Warmest Regards, Taylor 🙌
on the edge of the lake watching as the last light of the day illuminates these peaks in the background. moments that you wish would go on forever 🌥🛶🌲
This guy didn’t show up to work yesterday but he was back with a vengeance today.
This rain couldn't come soon enough, now here's to hoping it brings a lot of water. It's been way too sad to drive through the communities that have burned down, the forests that cease to exist, and the grasslands that are charred for as far as you can see. I'm glad summer weather is coming to an end and the wet season is sneaking it's way in
Hey guys @adenace back for the last photo of my takeover! Story time…
With 20 mins notice, I found myself heading down to Oregon to watch the solar eclipse (which was amazing). ⠀ Our ride, a 1999 GMC Astro van with over 300,000Km. It was a bit scary, but thankfully we made it down no problem.
Of course, being in Oregon, my friends and I explored some of the amazing waterfalls (like this one).
Shortly after leaving, our worst fears came to. We ran into some car 'issues', breaking down on the side of the road.
Hours went by until FINALLY at 3am, my friends old man showed up with a trailer.
Word of advice, road trips aren't for vehicles made in the 90's.
Thank you everyone for tuning into my takeover. Make sure to check out my page @adenace
To connect with like-minded people down for adventures, check out Joiiin. Link in bio

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