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This weekend we welcome the Year of the Dog! Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Hei Fat Choi! I had the pleasure of introducing the lion dance at this year's @unacommunity celebration. #joycemurraymp
User Image readingsbyemma555 Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:00 AM (UTC)
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2/18 Evening Romance message and guidance.
For some, the time has come to release your ex and everything that happened with them. The past is done and can not be re-written and by holding on to it, you are blocking the new that is trying to enter your life. If you share one or more children with them, it can sometimes be difficult to get along however this being said, YOU can choose and decide to be cordial and not let what happened between the two of you get in the way of raising your child. I know some of you will say “but they are being difficult” “he/she did this to me” etc.. but at the end of the day, if you choose to be the bigger person, you are choosing to not let them or the past affect you today and moving forward.
For some, once you come to terms with the past and release them, there is an amazing, grounded, family man that will enter your life. For someone in particular , I’m seeing this happening in either 6-8 months from now. I don’t feel like HE has children, but he will be very accepting of yours.. so no negative self talk about “no one wants me because I have kids” or “I have stretch marks and 5 pounds overweight”.. this is a LIE and trust me, no REAL man will EVER have ANY issues with your stretch marks. And if they do, tell them to f*ckoff and kick rocks, fly a kite, whatever ! In the meantime, start seeing yourself as the mega babe on the bottom right card because THAT is how he will see you 😍.
For others, if you’ve been wanting a family life but it has yet to manifest, know that this is also verrrrrry close to happening, you just need to let go completely however, I feel like you are 90% there already. Say goodbye to all the liars, cheaters, fuckboys/girls, narcissistic jerks and say HELLO to this new person when they show up, he/she is also very close 😉.
If you’d like to purchase a private reading, visit my Etsy shop, link in BIO ❤️.
For donations through paypal, email is
Dinner at the Andaz... drinks at the Shoreclub... and now at the NAC to see Les Mis 😊 #nac #snowflake #musical #lesmiserables #ottawa
Skates, toque, mitts, and a Beavertail - feeling very much like a Canadian today 🇨🇦
User Image lvnce.lorenzo Posted: Feb 18, 2018 11:58 PM (UTC)

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uhhhm i still dunno how i did these 🙆🏾‍♂️ which one do you like most 👽🐉✈️🖤
User Image s_i_b_w Posted: Feb 18, 2018 11:58 PM (UTC)

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Today I visited Ottawa’s farmers’ market for the first and I must admit, this was my favourite exhibition. The owner taught me a little about alpacas and I got to see her creations and I also touched a bundle of alpaca yarn.
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User Image _ushhh1017 Posted: Feb 18, 2018 11:57 PM (UTC)
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Just “eh” polite Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦⛸🏒🥅🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol #Whyistherenooobeaveremoji? #Canal #Ottawa!!
User Image qxeenpariss Posted: Feb 18, 2018 11:44 PM (UTC)

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Pour me water🧡💦

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