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New packaging alert!! We are extremely excited to announce that we now have officially found the BEST packaging for ALL of our treats. This new packaging allows for a MUCH more convenient storage method.

Right on time for the holidays!

Effective immediately, ALL cakes will be packaged in either window box or a clear plastic container - both pictured below. Our customers will no longer recieve their treats in the previous packaging(plastic wrap)!
The packaging will still include our signature ribbons & label stamps(with your Sweet Fortune)! Looks a lot neater don’t you think? !?QUESTION!? Why is my cake in a box? Why is my cake in the plastic container?
-The packaging of the cake depends on what is placed on top of the cake, there are certain cakes that cannot be placed in the plastic containers due to the toppings. **Please note: if you inform us that your cake is for a birthday, it will automatically be boxed*

ALSO: *If you have a special request to have your cheesecake boxed: please be sure to let us know at the time of your order!* 🍰💫 #SlimmysSweetTreats
Les presento el Oreo Dream Cheesecake 😍😍🍰🍰🐷🐷 de @cheesecakefactory 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Este es un restaurante clásico en Estados Unidos 🇺🇸🇺🇸 en el cual venden hamburguesas, pastas, un poco de comida thai y mexicana, parrilladas, en fin de todo un poco 👌👌Y pues obviamente su especialidad es el Cheesecake 🔝🔝🔝 En en este caso, como ya les comenté, pedí el oreo dream que trae mouse de galleta, mouse de chocolate, centro y topping de galleta oreo y una especie de brownie pudding en la base, la textura y la mezcla de sabores es única ESTUVO GENIAAAL DE OTRO 🌎🌎🔝🔝 Obviamente ✔10/10 $: 7.95 USD

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Its been a minute sooooo... 🚨🚨 Im now taking orders for Saturday pick up/ delivery (close areas). Im only making 5 of each kind so please INBOX me ur order as soon as possible or CALL/TXT me at (407) 917-1588. 😉Spread the word. Follow @vonlacherry_events
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Slimmy's Sweet Treats were a complete HIT at the Polo Match. We completely SOLD OUT!! What an amazing event!
Today we had the pleasure of catering AND being a vendor at Cigars & Guitars - A Polo Charity Match hosted by Grandiosity Events. It was an absolute pleasure!

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