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🌸🌸🌸 Sáng sớm mắt nhắm mắt mở đến cty thì có người gọi xuống nhận chậu hoa to bự chảng. Còn hỏi đi hỏi lại người ta là hay giao nhầm... 😱😱😱 Ai đó tặng em thì xưng tên đi ahuhu đừng bắt em phải thẫn thờ từ sáng đến giờ nữa... 😂😂😂 #womensday #flowers #rose #bouquet #orchid #plus
Beauties of the East - PTFI contract of work area lies immediately adjacent to Lorentz National Park, and as such plants and vegetation growing in it are rare and unique. Recognizing the immense wealth of flora and fauna in Papua and the lack of proper documentation and literature on biodiversity in the region, PTFI took the initiative to undertake the taxonomy of endemic flora and fauna in its operating area. Orchids are among the flora to be found in the company’s operating area, and here is some of the orchid collection at the MP21 Reclamation & Biodiversity Research Center that displays endemic orchids from around the PTFI’s operating area. Photo credit: Biodiversity Group PTFI Environmental Department #orchid #papua #biodiversity

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