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Thankful for friends who take you to Prague for your 21st birthday.

This girl is the perfect example of a friend for life.
7 years of crazy adventures and I know so many more to come!
Thankful tonight for you Becca 💕
I don't know why I like this shed so much on Brendans avenue woodquay .suppose it just so out of place in 2017 ..but always stop #woodquay #galwaycity #corragated #lovelyshed #timesgoneby #orangeroof #urbanlife #eyrestreet
Unmapped places aren't always visible when we find it. Sometimes, it's just a passing thought, a feeling, a sound, or a memory. If we blink, we might miss it and that's okay. There's other undiscovered rarities to be found. When we stop focusing on the losses, and focus on what can be experienced from what's gone, we find there's still so much more to be gained.

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