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User Image theocquotations Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:39 AM (UTC)

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Just need something like this omg 😍 #tumblr #gossipgirl
User Image leighwhiteart Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:36 AM (UTC)
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Some people may wonder why I still help the homeless. It’s extremely cold at night in Orange County lately. I’ve seen many homeless folks sleep on the pavement and on the steps of the church near the Fullerton Transportation Center. Having a safe, warm, and comfortable place to sleep is the right of everyone. There are not enough shelters. Getting into a shelter is harder than most people might think as well. May God, Buddha, Yoda, or whomever is in charge of this universe help us to change this complacent world right now into a more humane, solution driven, and compassionate place right now. The comments I read in articles about the homeless are some of the more cruel, vile, and ignorant statements. How people can live their lives with so much hate in their hearts is beyond my understanding. I hope through example to show the absolute humanity of our homeless brothers and sisters. Because we are all human beings. Beautiful and flawed human beings. There just needs to be more humanity in the world, in this country, in our neighborhoods, and in the streets in which we live. #homelessadvocacy #compassion #mindful #orangecounty #fullerton #homelessness #love #civilrights
Perfect for sharing with your favorite fellow ice cream lover! Thanks for the stinking cute photo 📷 @caitlin.teal
How lucky are we? Love this town we live in #sanclemente
User Image benzworks Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:28 AM (UTC)
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User Image jonnypixels Posted: Jan 23, 2018 8:30 AM (UTC)
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#DinnerWithFriends: I returned to #PlaygroundDTSA, one of my favorite restaurants in what's becoming one of my favorite #OrangeCounty neighborhoods: #DowntownSantaAna.
I had five incredible dishes to share, and all were flawless. These are some of the more conservative items on the menu that has an appetizer called "white people crack" and for dessert "slutty rice pudding" that the restaurant wants you to eat off your lover's naked body.
• grilled #artichoke with Lebanese garlic sauce, Aleppo chile peppers and zaatar
• grilled #sunchoke and smoked date hash with pickled ramp creme fraiche. This dish is fun because of so many contrasting tastes going on at the same time. It's savory, sweet and with a pleasant hint of a tobacco smoke flavor that's not like an ashtray and more like how the plant smells
• Uncle Lou's #friedchicken: Playground says you must eat it at your own risk because the kitchen will not take it back. There's no need. It's made with hot sauce but has a sort of sweet-and-sour flavor to it but is mild. So it's not like Nashville hot chicken.
• pan roasted diver scallops made to look its sexiest for Instagram. It comes with tiny potatoes and #watermelonradish served atop mojo verde, similar or identical to Peruvian diablo sauce.
#rockyroad #budino. This replica of Stonehenge is made with crumbled graham crackers, homemade #marshmallow and a bud uni that was like an easy to spread Nutella.
These items were on the menu Wednesday, January 17, 2018, and apart from the fried chicken, selections do change daily.
cc @lesleysparkle01 @mselysse @lailaderak @eater_la @orangecountyregister

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