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Em um mundo cercado de boas aparências ser guiado pelo Espírito Santo é questão de vida ou morte. 😇💀
Ame a todos, contudo, esteja atento ao se aliançar com pessoas . Proverbios 16. 2 vai dizer que "Todos os caminhos do homem parecem certos aos SEUS olhos, mas o Senhor julga as verdadeiras motivações do coração." Você pode poupar o seu coração de surpresas desagradáveis consultando a Deus sobre as pessoas que fazem parte do seu círculo social. Não construa nenhum tipo de relacionamento sobre areia, pois, uma hora ou outra tudo o que é abalável será abalado.
I spent nearly three years on a "truth" journey thinking I was going on a spiritual awakening and I scoffed at biblical Christianity. I studied and practiced so many things - third eye meditation, kundalini yoga, buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, shamanism, new age, Paramahansa Yogananda self realization, animal spirit guides, Akashic Records, ascended masters, occult numerology, crystal energy healing, and other things. I was doing Hot Bikram Yoga all the time and having out of body experiences and visions - in response to communicating with higher realms of existence. There are evil spirits that wish you harm and to deceive you, I guarantee it. I believe now I was under the influence of evil spirits - in my mind, body, and soul during that time as I have Satan many footholds into my life.
After fasting to cleanse my "Karma" for maybe 4 days I kept thinking about Christ dying on the cross and the Holy Spirit was poured out on me in complete love and compassion. Jesus had mercy on my soul and sent the Holy Ghost to me, and despite my worldly life being ruined I am filled with a thankful and grateful heart and often times the joy of the Holy Spirit.
That happened last August 2016, and I have been following Christ since then. I have had visions on Him on the cross, and visions of things related to the Bible, and I have felt the Holy Spirit in great and powerful ways, during church service and through prayer, and I have been fishing for the souls of men.

I have no reason to lie to you, I'm not asking you to go to a church and tithe, but to read the Bible with an open heart with truth and honesty on the possibility that it is all true. The Bible says seek and ye shall find, and His word is good! Trust me... Jesus said you will be saved if you repent and believe on Him, and obeying His commandments you will receive the Holy Spirit of God, the creator/Father of all things.
Was leaving my full time job to work on my own business scary? Abso-freaking-lutely!
But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Change is scary. The unknown is scary, but once time passes and you look back a year later, you become amazed.
Amazed with the ups and downs, the accomplishments, the friendships, and most importantly — what you have learned. Nah, I wouldn’t change any of that. This is my path and I ain’t deviating from it. ✌🏼
SLIDE ACROSS,,When it is 11 years from lost most my bowel due to cancer , ppl don't see the bag the scars, you wouldn't know I had a bag, I can wear whatever I want and saying that it's emotional to deal with at time , so few pic of how u can rock your look with a bag , colostomy bag not the end of your life , new beginnings , so anyone is getting are has a colostomy bag don't think you have to wear baggy clothes, I'm building my confidence up , ppl don't understand but is hard aswell, #colostomybag #11thanniversary #confidence #onlyway #rockyourbody #dressedup #letnothingstopyou #embracingyourbody #cancersurvivor #battlecontinues #keepfighting #sideeffects #nocure #livelifetothefullest #whenyoucan #feellowgethigh #onlywayisforward #🍀 #icandoit💪
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