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What happened to Harry is truly just disgusting and extremely disrespectful... No one wants any part of their body touched without consent and that shouldn't happen. You don't go and grab random people's crotches just like that, do you? Hopefully not. So, why did this so called fan do it to Harry? He clearly slightly freaked out about it. Harry's a human being just like everyone of us and deserves RESPECT & PRIVACY like you and I do... #respectharry
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[bye part 14]
reposting it because it got like two likes😂😂
- #onedirectionthingsbye
me @ the girl who touched Harry’s crotch
Part 10
As soon as the jeep stopped I quickly got out, Louis followed behind with my bags, we got into the locker room where everyone was waiting, as soon as I stepped in everyone turned and looked at us, "You guys are late"
They all stared at us weirdly,
You-"my car broke down and Louis came to help me.." Louis just nodded, he dropped my bags by my locker,

Louis-"okay girls today is your big day....remember everything I thought you....are you ready?" "YES COACH"
We all shouted,
Louis-"let's go"
He started walking out we followed after, as we laid out on the field, I I took a deep breath in and relaxed like Louis told me to, I saw the ball coming towards me and my adrenaline kicked in, as the ball hit my feet, we were already in the second half and no one scored anything, Louis argued with me in the locker room and said I was trying hard enough, only a few minutes until the game was over,
You-"I got this.." I whispered to myself, I kicked the ball to someone on my team, she struggle to keep the ball the opposite take pushing her taking the ball because it wasn't intentional so referee was involve in the play, before the opposite player could pass it over to another player I got the ball passing it through her legs, as I got to the goal I looked on for a few seconds,
You-"bingo.." I saw an opened area, I kicked the ball and everyone cheered as it the goal net, my team came running towards me a piling on top of me, after our group hug and we shook hands with the opposite team, Louis came running towards me he lift me up my legs around his waist,
Louis-"great game babe.." He whispered, "We're going out to celebrate you wanna come?" One of my teammates asked,
You-"nah..I'm gonna head home and get some rest.." She nodded and walked away,
Louis-"why don't you go?" He placed me down, we started walking to the locker room,
You-"getting drunk at some random bar isn't my thing remember.." He laughed,
Louis-"well not anymore...okay how about we celebrate just you and I..." I looked up at him and I bit my lip.. Louis-"I'll take that as a yes.."
What happened to H was so disrespectful. I feel so bad for him..
Btw let's just appreciate this beautiful photo of him. I'm so in love with his clothes here and hIS FINGERS LOOK SO SMALL WTF DADDY-
(I just realised that I forgot to post about it🤦🏼‍♀️)

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