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User Image srmcgowan_ Posted: Nov 9, 2017 1:30 PM (UTC)
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this is a draft thing, it might even be finished I dunno. Omarska camp was a concetration camp run by Bosnian Serb forces in the mining town of Omarska, set up for Bosniak and Croat men and women during the Prijedor massacre. Functioning in the first months of the Bosnian War in 1992.
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User Image flyingpangolins Posted: Oct 30, 2017 1:19 AM (UTC)
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Thoughts of Omarska - life in a Refugee Camp
(The Transformation of Grandfather One Eye)
User Image damir_dj Posted: Oct 28, 2017 6:05 PM (UTC)
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User Image zgonjodj Posted: Aug 19, 2017 7:47 PM (UTC)
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User Image ep_lawrence Posted: Aug 6, 2017 5:00 PM (UTC)
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Omarska, former concentration camp and still a working mine. Thousands came through the camp. Many were tortured, mutilated, and murdered. Women were repeatedly raped. Detainees were humiliated. Many are still missing. There's no memorial or psychical acknowledgement for what happened, It's not permitted. The genocide is still being denied. Survivors and families are only allowed to visit once a year.

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