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User Image yoon.yay Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:33 PM (UTC)
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User Image michiwesty Posted: Nov 23, 2017 8:30 PM (UTC)
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Homemade butter, challah bread and pumpkin pie! How do you know how to make all that? Asked by @sentientbeing1.... Because I'm from OhIO biotch!#ohiogirlsdoitbetter #ohioagainsttheworld #homemadefood #challahbread #pumpkinpie #homemadebutter #thanksgiving
User Image mmakoski Posted: Nov 23, 2017 3:20 PM (UTC)
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Make sure to raise your children right! Happy Thanksgiving!
Now it smells like Thanksgiving! ♥️😍
Time for bed #nightshifter so I can enjoy the holiday in a few hours!! ⏰🍁 What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Smell?!
User Image kaiden_pryor Posted: Nov 23, 2017 4:53 AM (UTC)
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Friendly reminder of what happened last year! #BeatTTUN #GoBucks #OhioAgainstTheWorld
User Image cavsnationnet Posted: Nov 23, 2017 4:48 AM (UTC)
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Give LeBron James stitches in the 3rd and he returns 23 points in the 4th. Kings don't bow.
User Image rolfes_custom_design Posted: Nov 22, 2017 11:02 PM (UTC)
1 Gingham
The plates were set on the table with care, in hopes of the turkey that soon would be there!⠀

#tipoftheday : White and sparkle spray painted pinecones and ghost pumpkins look sharp with birch coasters ($8 on! (Link in bio))⠀

#fallhomedecor #givethanks #thankful #tistheseason🎄 #farmhousedecor #farmhouse #classicdecor #customhomedecor #customkitchen #localbusiness #familyowned #cleveland #columbus #cincinnati #handcrafted #customart #custommade #custommadegifts #ohio #ohioagainsttheworld #nonnashouse #whitedecor #colonialhouse #freshflowers #blessed #whitedecor #toile #thanksgiving #decorate
User Image edmondsfindingbalance Posted: Nov 22, 2017 2:19 PM (UTC)
2 Clarendon
🦃😱😍 Look at how cute this Shaker is!! Any hoot -> back to what I wanted to say 🤓😂
🍁Life is too short to Not live out your Purpose!🍂 .

I have lived most of my life feeling like I was struggling to stay afloat.
Torn between my dreams/goals & the fight to get there… & that stress was Eating me alive!! Or maybe rather, I was Over Eating because of the stress. Yep, that’s more like it.
I was overweight, I was financially bobbing underwater, & unfulfilled. .
But when coaching was introduced to my life, it opened up a new way of living. A life where I could not only stay afloat… but I could paddle my own canoe to Where Ever I wanted to Go! (Yes, Nick Offerman reference!) 💙🛶🏕💙
So, I got to work -> I lost over 15#s, 6 pant sizes, gained my confidence, increased my strength & endurance… I proved to myself I was able to stick to a plan & get results the Healthy, Sustainable & Natural way! 💪🍒♥️
I felt like a new person, because I was!
Now, I’ve dedicated my ‘free’ time to helping others do the same. Having a plan for my Health & Financial fitness has reduced the stress in my life -> I know it can do the same for you! 🤜💓🤛
As we think about everything we are #Thankful for & #Blessed with over the next two days... think about the areas you may need some help. If you also crave stability, a plan & the freedom I did -> I’m gifting you a book to join my book club this month! Help me understand how I can help, but sending me the Questionnaire below or reaching out. Only 5 books left 💚📚💡
User Image fadedbarbershop_cle Posted: Nov 22, 2017 1:03 PM (UTC)
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🚨 FADED BARBERSHOP IS NOW OPEN🚨 Located at 5565 Ridge Rd in Parma, OH. To book an appointment call 440-345-5577. Appointments also available online at
User Image holly_wood_gt Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:30 AM (UTC)
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User Image dancingkevin Posted: Nov 22, 2017 3:17 AM (UTC)
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@columbuscrewsc might of got a nil nil tie in the first leg of the #MLSPlayoffs Eastern Final #championship at #MapfreStadium it was still a ton of fun with this dude. Now let’s go to #Toronto and take it to #TFC and get the #MLSCup back here in #Columbus and #ClaimGlory!! @mls #sports #asseenincolumbus #asseeninthe614 #soccer #ohioagainsttheworld #goodtimes #dudes
😈💜 Roll with it 💜🤰
I only over slept by an hour - I’ll call that a win!! But, good news-> I got to crash joe’s Leg Day! .
That’s the beauty of my home workouts... I can change up my routine at the drop of a hat. I skipped my leg day with my trainer for his. Better than a genie in a bottle! 🧞‍♀️💙
This Prego is keeping up with her Squats-> I hear it helps this Baby come out quickly! Fingers Crossed! (Obviously , Batley was cheering us on!)
User Image djgrayc Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:51 PM (UTC)
0 Valencia
It’s always a blessing to play such a big role in a couples love story. Bringing together two souls to create ☝️ thought and two hearts to create ☝️ beat. #Priceless #Blessings #CincinnatiNative #OhioAgainstTheWorld #Love #SelfDiploma
User Image mmakoski Posted: Nov 21, 2017 7:34 PM (UTC)
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