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User Image wtemplet Posted: Jul 18, 2017 11:50 AM
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So let me get this straight? One of the personal of interest in the famed Don Jr Russian collusion meeting is a state dept contractor? Ok that's it I smell a rat and a set up! Anyone else see that differently? #draintheswamp #obamastinks #lyingassbitch
User Image moll01 Posted: Oct 26, 2016 4:12 AM
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moll01 11M ago
Our two Favorite pics from Madame Tussaud's wax museum in San Francisco today. 😊 #fishermanswharf #madametussauds #obamastinks
Obama can lie, the other democrats can lie. America is in the worst state it has been in for very long. Our country has become a place where illegal immigrants can come in whenever they want and take jobs from hard working Americans. It has become a place where Isis is not stopped. Obama won't even call the terrorists radical islamics. We need to deport the illegal immigrants. We need a wall to keep them out. We need a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the U.S until we get our situation under control. Don't ignore the problems. #donaldtrump #2016 #presidentialelection #obamastinks #trumpforpresident
User Image c1tygotyou Posted: Dec 19, 2015 9:56 PM
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By @snkpigs via @RepostWhiz app:
Borrowed from @seeworldtruth Do you guys even know what kind of evil things Obama plots? 😂 #obamasucks #obamastinks #impeachobama #byeobama
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User Image snkpigs Posted: Dec 19, 2015 5:13 AM
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Borrowed from @seeworldtruth Do you guys even know what kind of evil things Obama plots? 😂 #obamasucks #obamastinks #impeachobama #byeobama
User Image thegrousefather Posted: Dec 4, 2015 12:22 PM
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Since its more important to address Gun Control rather than TERRORIST ATTACKS... I watch the news and its all about politics, false gun stats and is mine.

#2ndamendment #obamastinks #mediaagenda #fightforyourrights #thetargetisisis
User Image snkpigs Posted: Nov 24, 2015 3:05 PM
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You know if isis is so tuff why do they wear rags to cover their faces
All they do is bomb. .shoot kill
They should root in hell
They kill tons of people yesterday in France
And in the world every day
But the president does nothing about it
User Image caylonmccoy77 Posted: Aug 11, 2015 12:18 PM
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I bought my husband this toilet paper as a joke! Some was hanging off the roll on the floor. I can't believe my dogs even know he's a crappy president! Yes!!! They pooped on it!!! 💩 😂 No, I don't dislike him because he's black! I could care less if he was green,but he's by far the worst president ever in my opinion! #worstpresidentever #obamastinks #literally #myfurbabies #theyarecrazybutilovethem #poop #funny 😂😂😂 @jasonmccoy76 @bradleymccoy67 @jake_mccoy_15 @danielmachen762

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