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rafldn 5d ago
DOMINATRIX - link in the bio 🔑🇬🇧
rafldn 6d ago
Run me my money, run me my money hoe 💰💁🏿🔑🇬🇧
rafldn 1w ago
I’m thick and petite, tell ‘em quick pick a seat 💁🏿✨🔑🇬🇧
rafldn 2w ago
SOLD OUT - Restocking soon keep posted for more info ✨🔑🇬🇧
Gurias de Nova York! 🍎 Ops, de Porto Alegre! 🤣 Estava morrendo de saudades! Louca para a próxima!!!!! ✈️ Foi muito MARA o nosso reencontro. Obrigada por nos receber @karinazandonaa! Tu é uma lady. #nyfe
THIS IS A PSA: until Monday receive an exclusive RAFLDN cap with every order!!! Link in the bio 🔥🔑🇬🇧
rafldn 2w ago
ATTENTION: until Monday with every order you will receive an exclusive RAFLDN cap!!! Link in the bio ✨🔑🇬🇧
Makeup Class by Rick DiCecca
#NYFE #RickDiCecca #Artistry #MissAmeryka
Все що треба знати про вибір Artistry на NewYork Fashion Week та Міс Америка.
#10xTeam #YagerGroupUA
Join Us this Thursday for a bit of Fashion, Art, and Networking. Plus I'll be dawning the sign-up and registration for my new School of Modeling in the beautiful Vinegar Hills, DUMBO Brooklyn area at @automaticstudios. I'm really excited about this location, and the classes that will be administered there for kids, young adults, signed, and unsigned (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) models! If you are a #Photogrpaher, come check in with us and check out the building and location. We have something there for you too!! I'm looking to team with agencies all throughout the Brooklyn and Manhattan area!
Automatic Studios
52 Bridge St.
6-9 PM
(The corner of Bridge and Water) #BridgeWater
@venusdennison @empress_and_judge @crestakrugerphoto @mscarolellen @djauniversal @pattesdemouche @ashakagivens @krammerstoudt

#popupshop #popupstore #sale #runway #art #presentation #AutomaticStudios #Brooklyn #dumbo #AshakaGivens #hats #berets #fedoras #dresses #jumpsuits #pants #tops #RunwayCoach #Models #RunwayClasses #FashionIndustry #NYFW #NYFE #NYPFW
Please DM me, or send an email to for further information. As always, the website is for further information about me, or my work.
Diamonds for breakfast, yes please! 💎 @oriannecollins showing off her latest collection of fine jewels #presspreview @mo_newyork #repost Harper's Bazaar's Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor @avril_graham

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