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Dave Meltzer confirms Neville is “100% gone” from WWE . Fuckin Aries now Neville ? If they lose Kendrick I’m out #wwe #raw #smackdown #nxt #neville #205live #cruiserweightdivision
After thinking about it for awhile, I have decided to start posting on here once again. Even though I'm enjoying life at this very moment in time, I can't just leave you guys in the past as we've been with another for a good amount of years. Probably gonna try and post at least two or three times a day, whenever I've got spare time to do so. Feel free to DM me anytime aswell, because in all honesty I am never off my phone, lmfao. Hopefully this short break will have helped me recover from the stress and anxiety this app has given me overtime, as I feel better than ever. Really can't wait to start talking to my friends too, as they have played a huge part. You know who you are. So from now on, I am officialy back on instagram to share opinions and to chat in general. Message me if you want to play on Xbox in the future, especially now that I have purchased WWE 2K18. Gonna go to bed right now, but look out for a post tomorrow at some point. Night guys.
qotd : Which TLC women's match are you looking forward to the most? (Asuka vs Emma, Bliss vs James for the RAW Women's Title, or Fox vs Banks)
aotd : Definitely Asuka's debut. I'm excited to see how the WWE Universe will treat her & how RAW is gonna treat her.
#AlexaBliss #Emma #MickieJames #Bayley #RAW
Jinder being a double champion would be a GOAT decision.🇮🇳 💯🔥
I'm not as excited for TLC as I was last year. I'm pumped for the main event & Asuka's debut, but the lack of stipulations is hurting my excitement.
#Sheamus #Cesaro #DeanAmbrose #SethRollins
If Amore wins back the title at TLC, then it'll be just an embarrassing 2 wk reign for Kalisto. Last week was fun & all, but was it really worth it? Enzo is on top of the CW division, as of right now. So, by the looks of it, Kalisto winning the title wasn't wise.
#EnzoAmore #Kalisto #RAW

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