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5/5. THE LAST ONE ! It is my freedom year !!! I’ll no more post that kind of photos for a long time. So enjoy 🙈😊 It is the same text below on each photo.
Don’t think I am used to that kind of exercice. It was the first time in my life i was doing a naked walk in nature. Don’t think it was easy. Posting the first photo was an extremely difficult decision but it broke a psychological barrier and now I feel a bit more in peace with myself. So why posting more ? I am tired of the body shaming in society. I am tired to see that all intolerant people, fanatics and bigots, whatever their ideology is, are sharing one thing : they hate nudity. They hate the body. Why is it normal to post a selfie although not everyone has a model face and it is not normal to post a body because not everyone has a model body. I want to promote body positivity and hope some of my followers will do the same. So I am posting those photos as a protestation. It is not normal those photos are attracting more attention that my other photos about flowers and bugs. Those nudes are insignificant. They should be natural and they deserve less attention than any other photo on my profile. But it is still not the case and still synonymous with crazy : he is crazy to do this ... and I still think a bit the same. So it means progress is needed. I have never been a naturist but the older I get and the more I like their philosophy: freedom, tolerance and harmony with nature. So I just wanted to promote those values by posting those 5 photos. It should not be a big deal but unfortunately it still is.