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To regain the abiliy in creating connections with people face to face is a skill most valued.. New friends, New connections, and most of all, New VIBES. ❤ THANK YOU to everyone who made the time to come out to our 1st listening party despite the horrible weather. Looking forward to the next one🙏💯 #vibewiththetribe #wildlingandkreatureco #nprlisteningparty party #TEDtalks
We got to celebrate two of our amazing friends' birthdays tonight. Thankful for all the great people in our lives. Florals and cake by @erikatobiason
All that's left of our birthday cake... What do you want to bet it is gone by tomorrow?
Thanks to all our wonderful friends who could celebrate with us last night! You are the best! #anighttoremember #nprparty
Ive got a few more gems from our #nprparty to share! @tanyalamp took the theme to heart and made #ThisAmericanLife themed treats. I loved them. I appriciate all you taking the time to enduldge our nerdiness 😁
Learning the complex machines that will bring you live @npr election coverage from 12 sites on election night! #nprlife #npr #nprelections #nprelex #nofilter
npratc 154w ago
Happy Election Day! Here’s a peek at our 1984 broadcast. I spy: Nina Totenberg in maroon and big glasses; Joe Biden running in the Delaware Senate race; jury-rigged cabling for the new computers. (Photo credit: John Keator)
Join the NPR Election Party tonight at #nprparty
Repost from @npr by #Reposter @307apps
Happy Election Day! Here’s a peek at our 1984 broadcast where our results boards were made of paper. To see what coverage looks like now, join the NPR Election Party tonight. The link is in our profile. (Photo credit: John Keator) #nprparty
Thinking we can do better than @cnn's Empire State Building stunt. :) #nprparty
sgraslie 154w ago
Battle station prepped and I'm ready to wrangle (reporters). Let's do this, election night. (Play along with the #nprparty at
amzam 154w ago
.@NPR's #midterms election night party one of best news uses of chromecast I've seen. kudos #nprparty peeps!
Very pleased with the election night reporting of Melissa Block and Robert Siegel, as per usual. #politicat #nprparty