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The bridges I burn are to make sure that the devil on the other side doesn't have the chance to get back across 🤣🤣🤣 #burneddowntotheground #notsorry
I wouldn't let a fuckboy sniff my pussy if they sent him in to id my body from a burning building #ratedr #language #notsorry
Dude no joke if you get this vid with this caption don't send it to your mama dukes, husband, and sister without watching it first like I did 😂😂😂 #sorry @amc081459 @jaderoseeeee #notsorry 😂😂😂
You can judge me on the size of my clothes or you can get to know the real me. If you look a little longer, you will see more than any number could ever say. .
#sclourie #morethananumber #morethanyouthinkiam #livingmybestlife #kindheart

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