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Pampers , Similac And Wipes Shoes Clothes And Etc But U Want Me Drop Stuff Off At The Door So I Want C My Daughter Like The Real Fathers That's Tryna Do Real Things Get Done So Wrong By The Wildest Females Tell PEOPLE what U Want But I'm A Good Father You Jus To Blind To C #Salute To The Good Fathers Everyday To Threw My IG And C My Good Men With They Kids And The Females Who Let Them Be There With Out Violence, Arguing , Court Or Disagreements 💯 Ny'Lah Ry'Ale Gaddy Is My Daughter As Much As She's Urs To We Both Made Her And What You Do Is Jus Gonna Cause More Pain ❤💯😢 Always Love Even When I've Been Disrespected And Gotta Take B.S. On The Chin #EveryBM #notright And #NotPerfect
Everyone has feelings In this world💯nobody likes for anybody's to disrespect them💯call them names💯In order to get respect you gotta give it💯never get comfortable let anybody's diss you cause they luv you or doing anything for you💯that has nothing to do with respect they got to comfortable and going to keep doing it to ya cause they think they can even bullies at ya schools & blame yaself for even putting up with it💯anybody who disses you don't give two dams about ya feelings smh🤔I gotta stay humble let nobody's get me from doing the same things to them cause it's wrong I feel bad when I do it🙏🏼 #respect #notright #gainpost #followback #luvyaselffirst #stopitnow #feelings #dontargue #remainhumble
testing my hand at vegan pastry for my sexy friend @becsecomb ➰ (my inner LaCroix is slightly ashamed, but, the things you do for friends)
#veganpastry #oxymoron #notright #friendshipoverfrenchheritage #momdonthateme
My ex would grab my vagina with his long fingernails , until I bled if I didn’t want to fuck him....not to mention the number of his friends who made me do awful things.....ladies speak out #notright #metoo #survivor #fuckyou #abuse #rape #speakout
🍷🍕🍷I tried a new brand of pizza tonight, this square pizza on the round pan is really messing with my head‼️ What's next⁉️ Will the movie play backwards⁉️ A stemless wine glass⁉️ Don't forget to swipe👆🏻🍕🍷🍕#OCD #adhd

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