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The Hawkins hives with their entrance reducers in place. Yellowjackets have been lurking about so this will help the bees more easily defend their colonies. #gobees #notrespassing #stayoutyellowjackets
"He was secretly hoping she'd say that!!!" :)) 👽🔛 #i-Did-it-Ouuuuuuuur-Way
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#RoadClosed 😄
i think you had a very different idea of what love was. maybe that's why we didn't work. you thought love was something that you could toss around. something that wouldn't break. and so you were careless with it. but i always knew love was something fragile. something you had to hold onto tightly. that's why i held it so close to my chest. that's why i took care of it. because i know the value of love. i know once it's broken, it can never be like new again. no matter how hard you try to fix it.
last night’s magnificent show. stolen view from a neighbor’s roof deck. needed a nature fix after a week of High Point. #notrespassing #thenaturefix #highpointdetox #naturecures #fireisland #offseasonisthebestseason
“The trouble is, you think you have time” — Buddha

Though I only met Eric about five months ago or so, I could tell upon meeting him that he was not the kind of person to wait around and let life pass him by. He was an artist, an adventurer, and just a man with an obviously humble and kind spirit. Climbing to that roof top and laying on the edge was one of the most interesting adventures that made me feel so alive. Thank you for that. And don’t be mad at me for not paying for the repost app to take your name tag out of the bottom left corner. I know you don’t like that. Drone video shot by one of the greatest @webraw

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