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Are you a morning person!?! I’m not!

Over the summer I read the book Miracle Morning, a book about how to start your day with ease and become insanely productive by just waking up one hour earlier. It was really going well until I hit back to school and then it seemed like I had to wake up 3 hours earlier…#nothappening. Now that I am finally getting into the groove I made a commitment to myself to start back of my miracle morning. Today is day 1 and I can’t tell you how much smoother my morning is going. My first step to my miracle morning is sitting in silence. Believe it or not there is something peaceful about being the first one who walks down stairs and just sits on the couch in silence before the sun rises.

So tell me, are you a morning person? Do you believe that waking up an hour earlier could help you maximize your day or do you feel like it sounds kind of melodramatic?
When you take out your crotchet and try to make a legit style with the natural to get by. 😂 I try every time. 😢Wash day tomorrow.
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My failed attempt at the Titanic... I tried not to be so vocal..then I think I forgot I was going to try not to drop f bombs..but when you get the superman just right & the pole can’t be any further in..and then you slide down... 😱 I Love Pole..I do.. I do.. I do.. ? Ha:) I do. I love the challenge! My language just ain’t too purdy. That’s a moment where I wish I was more composed like someone else. Got stuck flipping into my superman..too much grip on my inner thigh- but I was trying to get all the help I could get for the butt/inner thigh hold. I need to arch back more... #nothappening #inthebutt #notyourboringworkout #learntofly
Okay🤳, I caked on my eye shadow, lightly went over my face, cause ya know I'm flawless 💁 HA joking. But since I've always been so clueless about #makeup I have always kept it very light. AnYwAyS ... here's my face with both sides done, no lipstick cause I'm always nervous of messing it up. Light top eyeliner, cause I felt confident since last night. Little filter ... And voila! You can't find my face on any milk carton of I ever go missing. 😂 .
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