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Have a sexy #powerport pic ??? DM me I’d love to post it! I call mine my “love button” ....seems sexier. Lol .
But this pic is actually for purpose....if you saw me, I look fine, but I’m not. I’m living my best life possible while also living with #crps . Never assume someone is fine because they are doing something enjoyable or fulfilling their dream. A picture of me at an @indians game was used against me...and the NEXT game we went to...I made it visible, I still have CRPS....I just choose to live despite it! .
Thanks to @selenagomez @ladygaga @iamhalsey and so many more celebs with a platform that are showing that we are just really strong women, and we are NOT faking it.
#powerport #portsaresexy #lovemeandnotmyillness #thankyoufordoubtingme #somethingsonlygodcanforgive #lwymmd #clevelandindians #glitter #bodyglitter #notfakingit #chronicpain #crps #invisibleillness #uspain #rsdsa #iwilllivemylife #noitsnoteasy #itseasierwithlove #itseasierwithfriends #itseasierwithsupport #mcphs #pharmd2018 #pharmacist
This is me.. this is how I look.. I'm tired of always fake smiling.. so have a real picture of me.. it's okay to not be okay.. Life isn't always good sometimes it can feel like you're in hell but it gets better it might take days or weeks or months or even years but it gets better 💙💙 Mental health is a real issue please don't be narrow minded
#mentalhealth #realme #notfakingit #tired #depressed #ill
Here we go again - Older, blonder not sure about wiser though @rachelsyas you're the best! 😘 #obsessed #samanthacusicklondon
Tonight at 8pm we are doing an awareness hour for N.E A.D please Join us on twitter to make awareness and please feel free to send me any questions, comments etc you may have about N.E.A.D and i will try my best to answer them. #neadawareness #notfakingit
Non epileptic attack disorder has many names and many faces, it is a condition that can be extremely disabling and can leave people feeling very alone. This event has been created to raise awareness of N.E.A.D (Non Epileptic Attack Disorder) support people affected and to try and put and end to the ignorance and stigma that comes along for the ride. Non epileptic seizures are more common then you may realise and it can affect people of any age even as young as eight years old. There is a lot more research that needs to be done but in the meantime we aim to raise awareness because quite often not even trained medical staff know what it is or how to sensitively liaise with someone effected by non epileptic seizures. Far to many times people are either made to feel they are not believed or even worse, they are accused of faking the condition. Please join us in an hour of raising awareness and put an end to the ignorance. Let's show the true face of this condition and let the world know. Please confirm if you can attend this online twitter event. Also please use hashtags #NotFakingIt #FriendsInNead #neadawareness during the twitter hour and for any communication regarding the event, many thanks Janey
So as some of you may know and some of you may not in December 2015 my health took a turn for the worse my joints started locking and I started having seizures, after a very long, painful and stressful time of going in and out of hospital, being told that they had no idea why or what was happening to me, often made to feel like I was an helpless case and the odd comment of 'faking it' from people both professional, medical and the average person on the street at the begging of this year I was finally diagnosed with N.E.A.D which stands for Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, the biggest cause of this is stress but can also be brought on by a traumatic experience or accident.
Since then the amount of people (medical included) I have come across who have had no idea as to what N.E.A.D is me being one of them, it really made me sad to know that something that actually effects a lot of people, not just those who have it but the family and friends of those who have it as well. It made me realise that N.E.A.D is something that people should be aware about and that if it is to become more known then something has to be done about it and someone has to try and make more awareness about it, i then decided that why shouldn't that someone be me.
So I looked around for support groups and found an awesome one on facebook called friends in N.E.A.D (See what they did) and I then teamed up with two wonderful people from the group to try and make more awareness for it. This post right here is one.
I would love it if you could repost this post, follow on instagram @friendsinnead find us on facebook and also twitter and help us to get more awareness out for N.E.A.D. #notfakingit #friendsinnead #nead #neadawareness
Today is the release for my first single! This gem of a song is called Asleep At The Wheel, and it's 2.18 minutes of pure bliss! So stoked! You'll find it on most digital outlets or just copy paste this link and you'll end up on Spotify #newsingle #asleepatthewheel #realmusicbyrealpeople #notfakingit #therealdeal #singerofsongs #singersongwriter #the2120s #wellknownstrangers #shameless #sonsofanarchy #thegoodwife #puncture #theheat #californiagold
Flat Top Turbo #traumpistons for Honda B Series coming very shortly! We will have them in bore sizes from 81mm to 85.0 with premium Nitrided Rings and Thick Wall Turbo pins. Upgrade to a heavy duty pin for even higher boost. #notfakingit #itishappening #KeepTheDreamAlive #TheBestIsYetToCome
So my life exploded last week in the way you always fear when you have CPTSD/PTSD.

For a brief time, I lost my mind. This occurred after surviving Hurricane Irma having also lived through Hurricane Andrew. I mean - I lost my shit. I told my husband of 30 years that I wanted a divorce and thought my adult children were taking 'his' side. I contemplated suicide. I mean I lost my shit.

In the horror and aftermath of Irma, I accidentally forgot to take my meds for four days - all of them.

It's been a week today since that incident and my family has been gently taking care of me and doing everything for me. Lovingly nursing me back to sanity until my meds stabilize.

I feel shaky, tearful, paranoid and uncertain. I am scared and shame-ridden; guilt in every part of my being. Apologizing for existing and causing so much strife.

This is #CPTSD. You aren't alone.

#cptsd #cptsdrecovery #cptsdwarriors #cptsdawareness #cptsdsucks #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #endthestigma #notfakingit
Do we even have a choice? Cry or fake a smile. Lay in bed or go to work. Go grocery shopping or take out the trash.
All of these things take energy, energy we may not have. What choice do we have though? #pain #notfakingit #chronicpain #nervepain #exhausted #overwhelmed #fibro #fibropain #fibromyalgia #invisibleillness #autoimmune

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