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When your alarm has gone off 5 times but your bed just won’t let you go. You can blame my tardiness on Grandma who bought me a therapeutic mattress pad last year for Christmas which makes me believe I’m sleeping on fluffy clouds. Like sorry some people aren’t aware of the fact that the amount of sleep required by the average person is 5 more minutes. Regardless of what the clock says, you should always follow your dreams! By sleeping! Oh shit is it really almost 7:30? Late, early, or on time, you’re still a mothafuckin’ princess. #sleepingbeauty #sotired #idontwanttogetup #notamorningperson #avrillavigne #avrilfans #avrilislife #avrilisnotdead #AL6 #warrior #abbeydawn #littleblackstars #avrilromanalavigne #avrilrocks
My 21 day results are in! —> And I couldn’t be happier! It only took one 30 minute workout a day in my living room, one shake a day that replaced one of my meals or snacks which helped with my digestion, regularity, energy, cravings & weight loss and eating healthy to get RESULTS! I can notice a HUGE different with my energy, my bloating & I just overall feel better! —> Lost a total of 5 lbs & I can really notice it in my stomach and my face! Are you ready to do something for yourself and your body and get results?! —>> Is their a pair of jeans you own you want to fit back into?? —>> Join me starting NOVEMBER 13th: I will provide you with a meal plan, workout plan & help keep you motivated, accountable and supported every step of the way! Follow all the tools I give you exactly for those 21 days and lose up to 5-15 lbs! —>> So whose ready to make that next step?! ✅🙋🏼💪💕💦
Off weekend? Move on! .
No one is perfect and we are bound to have off moments. As we prepare for Monday, let's remember this little nugget of truth. .
What small decisions are you making tonight to invest in your health and be better prepared to have a healthy Monday?
Need ideas? Hard boil and peel enough eggs for 3-5 days. Pack your lunch tonight so you aren't feeling rushed tomorrow. Take ten seconds to consider what you'll have for breakfast so you give yourself time to make it rather than hitting up the drive thru. Cut up some veggies so you are more likely to snack on them.

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