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And no matter how #blissful or #happy the trip was, there can be no word to describe that #feeling that envelops you when you're finally #home again ! #grateful - see you soon #puffy #❤️ #noplacelikehome
It’s nice to get away but it’s even sweeter to come home to this sweet face !!! #sweetboy #noplacelikehome
When your sick on your birthday new socks, Starbucks and cuddling by the fireplace are your faves!
Boy did I miss this craziness! Maybe even the laundry. #noplacelikehome
I’m so happy I’m with my fam this weekend. I missed them 😢 #noplacelikehome
celebrating my bday Ma Dukes taking flicks with the homies. I knew these dudes 35 yrs since Publiic School
Brooklyn Love
🍁 HOME 🍁 Today we raked all the leaves again. Our neighbor said, "You can tell your not from here." Because the kids were so excited to see so many leaves 😂

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