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User Image missymaness Posted: Mar 9, 2018 6:20 PM (UTC)

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Making sure I am a part of everything for all my kids. They know mom will always be there for them and she is thier biggest cheerleader. My children will move mountains especially my girl. I am beyond proud of her and her accomplishments and how kind she is to others in the midst of her own hardships. She is truly one amazing kid. #proudestmomever #mygirlismyworld #noonewillloveyoulikeido #iwillalwaysbethereforyou
User Image evalunaescondida Posted: Feb 26, 2018 6:16 AM (UTC)
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I wanted to call you today. But you're too far away now. Maybe the way you loved me was so profound, so protective, so imbued with care, that all my other relationships seem... less fulfilling. No one will look at me like you do. No one will think of me like you do. So mistakenly I translate that as everyone dislikes me. And I shut myself away. When you're low on resources, you have to pear it down. Without my work pullig me back, I'd go to the edge somewhere. The edge of experience, the edge of where the sky meets the ocean, the edge of what separates you and me. Your mum told me yesterday you understand our situations. You always did. You always will.
#ImWaitingInMyBedForYouSoHurryHome #NoOneWillLoveMeLikeYouDo #NoOneWillLoveYouLikeIDo
User Image lolamemjo Posted: Feb 23, 2018 4:46 AM (UTC)
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User Image katieferg_grayshaun Posted: Feb 17, 2018 4:26 AM (UTC)

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Your my favorite little human ever! You make me the happiest person alive. I love you baby so much ♥️ #graysiin #mommasworld #mommasboy #cuddleswithbabyboy #mypartnerincrime #noonewillloveyoulikeido
User Image iamvanessa30 Posted: Feb 8, 2018 5:13 AM (UTC)

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User Image jeeekka89 Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:41 PM (UTC)

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“When my children remember their childhood, I want only for them to remember that their mother gave it her all. She worried too much, she failed at times and she did not always get it right... but she tried her hardest to teach them about kindness, love, compassion and honesty. Even if she had to learn it from her own mistakes she loved them enough to keep going, even when things seemed hopeless, even when life knocked her down. I want them to remember me as the woman who always got back up...” #quote #motherhood #mybabies #iloveyou #unconditionallove #momlife #momoftwo #partyofthree #mommywillALWAYSbehere #noonewillloveyoulikeido #youremyfavorite #mysunshine #myheart #family #collage
User Image thesecretlifeofd.m Posted: Jan 15, 2018 9:05 PM (UTC)

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Still looking at me the same way you always do I can't believe where thos years have gone but the you hit me with the biggest blow yet you say I love you but I can't be with you it dropped the bomb on me how can you love me then leave me after all we been through all the love fights true love and hugs we are over this time for good D.M started in this place all those years ago now we stand the broken hearted and punched in the gut I feel empty without you I feel like after everything we been though and you saying you would never leave me I need expected us to end like we have I can't believe it I'm broken and I'm upset and now I have to travel the world alone I always thought you would come with me I thought we would spend are years whaching the sun set over Devon shorelines I thought I would die next to you I thought we wo say yeah we did it I had so much planned out for us now that seams like a dream you and me will always have a strong bond no one can break but we need this time to heal I hope you find happiness and safety but you will never have a strong bond with anyone else because what you and I had will always be strong that is love love me #goodbye #newlifewithoutyou #endofanera #D.Misover#ineverthoughtitwouldhappen #weareover#ihopeyoufindhappiness #besafe #yogaeverydamnday #noonewillloveyoulikeido #beatpeace #looktotheclouds #heartbroken #numasta
User Image a.m.b150398 Posted: Nov 28, 2017 8:17 PM (UTC)

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User Image petermcvries Posted: Nov 27, 2017 11:24 AM (UTC)
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#villevalo #him #stadiumlive #26112017 #farewellconsert #fanzoneseparatingmefromyou
ну вот за 14 лет это самое близкое расстояние между мной и финским кумиром. могло бы быть и ближе (как план "б" поменять своевольно фамилию в паспорте, все же она у него дивная)! и где вообще экраны, и как быть, если ты красивый гном или полуслепой или без мужика, на чью крепкую шею ты мог усадить свой крошечный зад??! ладно хоть голос было слышно и пространство для танцев и моих поросяче-розовых тимбов было достаточно, чтобы а) пританцовывать и б) никого не проклясть за отдавленные ноги.
ну а что это я всё гневаюсь. было ведь и хорошее..я вспомнила всё, что меня связывало с этим мальчиком. как только его голос был самым важным, как он пел только для меня в моей подростковой комнате (из плеера), как я мечтала, чтобы он мне снился (и ведь он снился), как я клеила каждый плакат и непременно целовала его перед этим, как я скупала все видео кассеты из "бульдога" и смотрела их запоем со слезами и сердцем, как у щенка, который хочет играть и беситься, как я писала рассказы и находила друзей по схожим ощущениям, как я действительно любила вилле и его творчество и свято верила, что это навсегда и #noonewillloveyoulikeido
такое тепло по телу, и руки к сердцу, одна на другую.

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