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It’s just not Saturday night til the cops 👮🏻 get here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #noisecomplaint #blondelivesmatter
And I'm here screaming ODDWORLD baby
have you seen its been an odd world lately?
Still here singing ODDWORLD baby
Standing on the precipice of what is and what may be 👽👽👽

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Met these legends @oceangrovemelb at unified store. They didn't rate the noise complaint either 😎 #oddworld #fuckyou #noisecomplaint
Today I'm dancing my two Noise Complaint shows at WasabiCon (5pm and 6pm) and then I'm dancing at the Fire and Ice Bender after party at Myth Nightclub all night (11pm-2am). Come see me and dance with me today!!! #mythnightclub #makenoise #superhero #gogodancer #tapdancer #noisecomplaint #noisecomplaintlive #wasabicon #conlife #cosplay #cosplayer #sailormoon #lucyheartfilia #thor #ladythor #dancer #professionaldancer #gigs #giglife #photoedit #tapface
Met these legends @oceangrovemelb at unified store. They didn't rate the noise complaint either 😎 #oddworld #fuckyou #noisecomplaint
Hey everyone! WasabiCon starts TOMORROW! We are so excited! We have a fan table in the hall by Main Events this year, and while we will have awesome things at our table like taps, buttons, grab bags and other fun stuff, there will be one thing you can only get online: Our new T-shirt design!

In honor of our homecoming show, just this weekend only, we have a new Noise Complaint T-Shirt available on Teechip at special weekend pricing! It is available now through Monday only, so make sure you get one over the weekend! Here is the link so you can check them out and start ordering today. We will also be giving the link out at our booth as well, so stop by and see us!

#teechip #noisecomplaint #noisecomplaintlive #tapdance #tap #bandmerch #merch #tshirts #hoodies #wasabicon #danceapparel #dancewear #graphicdesign #logo #sportswear #cosplay #dancers #dance
Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. You can be literally anything with no judgement and that’s what @noisecomplaintsea has always been to me. Come as you are and dance with likeminded individuals. The fact that we get both on top of @danceslife on decks with some of the best locals in Seattle 😍!😍 Were in for a treat. Seattle I ask one thing of you this Halloween 🎃 DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
Buy tickets at: we have some special planned for you 👻 🍁🎃💀
#seattle #fredwildliferefuge #noisecomplaint #danceswithwhitegirls #house #techno #nightlife #halloween #spooky

We'll be running two costume contests for the our Halloween show, each with their own know we had to do something other than your typical "best costume" about: 👯‍♂️BEST SQUAD COSTUME👯 & 👽MOST UNIQUE COSTUME👽 🔇Details on prizes in the photo🔇
Hey everyone. We were supposed to be at Quest Con this weekend on Friday bringing you a show and a special event appearance, and we were so excited to be a part of this amazing convention. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to go and perform out in Mobile for you. We truly hope you understand, and we are super disappointed that we won't be able to be at this amazing convention. The staff have been so wonderful to us, and we know this is going to be an awesome convention, so make sure you get tickets and go have a blast (and tell us everything cool so we can feel like we got to be there!!!). We are so sorry to have to cancel, but we are signed on with them for next year so we know we at least have a lot to look forward to!! Thank you all for understanding. 💛 #noisecomplaint #noisecomplaintlive #cosplay #tapdance #questcon #mobile #conlife #performerlife #dancerlife #thingshappen #dustyourselfoff #goodthingscoming
🎨🏆ARTIST SPOTLIGHT🏆🎨 Meet Katlin! She is your Creative Director and responsible for turning Fred Wildlife Refuge into a delightful and frightful space of spooky and fascinating interactive art!

Katlin is a Northwest native who's vibrant creations are intended to instantly intrigue the senses and uplift the spirit. She has been intertwined in the dance and festival community for over a decade and is greatly inspired by her experiences. Kaitlin's spontaneous, self taught, psychedelic designs consist of a vast array of mediums; intricate costuming, painting, pyrography, and illuminated installations. An element of her process that sets her apart, is her desire to re-use, and incorporate up-cycled and re-purposed items whenever possible. Katlin has a joyous passion for all things that involve music, art, community, and self-expression which is reflected in the unique style and the energy that comes from her work. Most of her creations incorporate an element of faux fur, sparkle, and glow. This style was recognized and encouraged by her Burning Man camp Soul(ar) Society where she currently has the pleasure of holding an active role in decor and design.
Kat is thrilled to be collaborating with Noise Complaint crew for this wicked event and couldn't be more excited to transform Fred Wildlife Refuge into something terrifyingly spectacular!

Join Kat and the rest of the Noise Complaint crew on October 27th for an unforgettable Halloween experience.
Ticket can be purchased @
Photos from last week with @cutsnake are now live on our #Facebook! Check em out and we'll see you in a few weeks for "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"! 🔇🔇🔇

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