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I love this little fuzzball so much. Sometimes i think the EGC sent him to me.
#ninjachicken #quaker #birb #birdsofinstagram
Jake the #ninjachicken has had a busy morning of drawing characters!
Ninja chicken jumps the fence to come to the carport and runs over to the fridge where I keep their grapes. She apparently really wanted her treats. #farmlife #ninjachicken #gooutside #stevienicks
This #littlebluehen has been missing and presumed dead (b/c #chickens), for days now, though there were no signs of #fowlplay. Yet here she is in the woods-- #chillin. Not exactly sure how she survived nights with all the predators around here(bobcats, foxes, coyotes, etc.) I wouldn't have noticed her, but her #chickenhead friends gave her up. #ninjachicken
Our friend and neighbor Doug said he found these in the chicken coop. I think they might be trading eggs for weapons.
Didn't have enough of Thai food in Bangkok, so had green curry and tom yum set in Singapore 😆
Adrian was the Evil Green Chicken, but Rory is the NINJA Chicken.
So earlier, i tried to lure him out for some playtime by leaving the cage door open so he could exit unseen - he's kinda shy that way - and today i though I'd sweeten the deal by setting a piece of apple out for him on the door itself.

Well he managed to creep out while my back was turned, eat the apple, drop the skin onto the floor and creep back up to his perch without me noticing, the little shit. So he gets +5 to Stealth and a new title.

Also, bonus birb eyelids!

#ninjachicken #quaker #birb #birdsofinstagram
My brother has been doing some gardening for me. The chickens decided he needed to be relieved of his sandwich! #ninjachicken #chickenattack #chickens
Dressed up for the carnival today, such cuties ☺️
Å finne sin retning er viktig, kanskje det blir enklere med disse Direction Mitts fra Navigate utgaven til @ribmagazine ? Etter mange gode råd i en tidligere post (pluss et ørlite innspill fra mottaker 😉), strikker jeg dem i Jeansblå Lamauld fra @camarosedk 💙 Den nydelige prosjektposen har jeg kjøpt hos @hannaontheroad
#finneveien #directionmitts #ninjachicken #lamauld #camarosedk #godsomull #navigatekal #hannalisahaferkampbags