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[SWIPE] Got a chance to talk with Lakers SG, Josh Hart about the #NIKExNBA launch, the new season and what his go-to song is before a game. Interestingly enough it’s one of the most inspiring tracks from J. Cole, “January 28th.” #wantitall
Refuerza tu estilo con las prendas de alta calidad y diseños innovadores 😎💕 Vestido #NIKELA en colores de temporada
Siéntete segura de ti misma y ve por más ✨💖💖
Disponible Morgana Store - Peru
Ventas por mayor y menor. envíos a too el Perú
Pedidos al 01 277 4269 WhatsApp 936 222 638
Tienda 0-212 2do sótano Galería San Pedro
#modaengamarra #galeriasanpedro #vestidosMorgana
You’re in it now. And if you’re not, you should be! When you only have weeks to train, every day counts. I’m counting on YOU to step to the line on Dec 3rd for your Break Through in the best 5k shape of your life!

Join me tomorrow for a fun run and Form Clinic with @koreatownrunclub, as we work our running mechanics and take advantage of every possible moment before game day! (Details on their IG)

If you missed your second Speed Run of the week, here it is: 5 x 1k repeats @ goal 5k race pace w/ 2-3 min recoveries. Make sure you get a good 15 minute warmup + dynamic stretch before you start the speed. Ease into the reps so your fastest one is at the end!
#breakthroughLA #nikeLA #NRC @koreatownrunclub #speedrun #funrun #evolveyourRUN
@boomerangfrominstagram makes everything more fun. I did 💯 reps per leg x 💯 sets 😉Happy Friday 📈💪✌️
In my element!!! “Match your purpose to your process. There are no shortcuts to lasting success”!! - @coach_brettb


"Run When You Can, Walk When You Cannot Run, Creep When You Cannot Walk."

In this exercise you'll note its functionality. The body is in a position we often assume not only in running, basketball, and football, but also one required in day to day activities. The proper hip hinge position while keeping the low back straight and abdominals activated is ideal. Prevention of trunk rotation while completing this exercise is crucial as well. The deep back extensors, the multifidi, provide stability to the spine when side bending or rotating. Without support from these muscles or the abdominals added movement of the spine can occur. Therefore, when completing this exercise visualize how this may transfer into your own life.
Try to complete this in front of a mirror so you can check your form. You should never be feeling pain in the low back during the exercise. •

*Click the link in my bio to read the full description and watch the ENTIRE exercise!
Dr. Jayna Lehman, PT, DPT, OCS
Feel Free To Message Me With Further Questions or Comments

#PhysicalTherapy #Prehab #MovementIsMedicine #BlacklistLA
[SWIPE] Had an amazing time hosting the #NIKExNBA launch at the Grove! Thank you Nike LA fam! Can’t wait to watch the home team tonight take the first W of the season. 💛💜 #LakeShow

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