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User Image arkhamcreative Posted: Dec 18, 2017 8:50 AM (UTC)

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Nice Lil repost of every #transformers worst #nightmare #megatron.
#artbyblade #artbyknife #papercut #paperart #abudhabi #paper #Blade #art
User Image asianmonroe Posted: Dec 18, 2017 8:47 AM (UTC)

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💜😍 its in your hands 💭👀
The highest power has me 🔮
Yesterday I was feeling pretty devastated about a situation in my life. I was blaming myself and feeling like I'd done something wrong. As you all know I walk when I'm stressed so after a walk for a few hours. All the time thinking and thinking what I was meant to do, I got home and collapsed in tears. For me to break down so over something so easily fixed it showed me how much this thing was impacting my soul. Through tears I shit you not I prayed to god, higher power whatever you wish to name up there 👆🏾 ✨. I prayed on my knees arms rested on the arm of my sofa crying through tears, I prayed for #guidance. I #prayed that even if I didn't get an answer I prayed to be shown I was being supported.

After all the stress and upset I was out like a light by 8:30 pm for those who know me this is already odd behaviour for me 👀💭 I woke at 3.45 after a #MAD dream. A #nightmare for myself tbh. In this #dream I was aware I was #dreaming. I could control what I was doing in the dream and I was aware that I was controlling my own dream. I was also aware why I was having this exact dream, I knew what #lesson I was meant to #learn out of it. Yet In this dream I couldn't wake myself up out of it like #God intended me to finish the dream so I fully knew what I was meant to be doing. #yougetwhatyouaskfor 🤦🏾‍♀️✨👀 To some this may sound delusional but for me my faith in a higher power, my belief in signs and gentle guidance (tho the dream bugged me so much it wasn't that gentle 🙄) to show you direction, it makes me know this was a message THE message I had asked for that night!
The dream was SO VIVID, the #feelings I felt in it so REAL when I finally managed to get out the dream I was freaking out. SO MANY RANDOM bit in the dream yet the main feelings and upset I felt in the dream were all surrounding one person in particular and I knew what the dream was showing me, not even about them. But about myself 👀 #dreams #highpriestess #higherpower #signs #spiritual #spiritualbeing #goddess #woman #spiritualknowledge #powerful #openmind 💭 👀 #vividdreams #control #psychology #psychic 🔮 👀 #witch #witchmode #fuckwithme
User Image 4rt.fr33z.u5 Posted: Dec 18, 2017 8:03 AM (UTC)
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Via @my_twisted_path
Words Via this head
Hey there. You with the scroll face. I'm going to swing from the chandelier and talk to you. People who make their own way are under censorship and persecution by their own society simply for the fact they are self-sufficient, free thinking members of society who realize the system has been hijacked by maniacs. They are in the business of killing for profit and it matters not who stands in the way.

There are no more legal grounds for defense against a deliberate poisoning of our souls, bodies and minds and what they force us to use and do. We are prisoners physically and mentally. Though they have not this soul, body and mind. I am trying to teach you the Great Escape of freeing yourself to counteract the shackles they have applied. We are so much more. There is so much more. YOU are so much more.
We will not be the hostages of geography. We do not need their legalities to decide our moralities.
Vote by Who You Are, vote with your lifestyle. Get up off your knees and be brave enough to change it and you will see me. Even if we crawl they cannot stop us all. We are the Unstoppable last Wave. 🌊🌺⚪🐉⚫🌺🌊
#ghost #ghosts #shadow #shadows #haunted #darkplaces #monsters #shadowhunters #nightmare #dreamscape #baddream #moonchild #afterdark #dreamwalker #lucid #luciddreaming #thewave #dream #thedream #darkartist #positive  #negative #negativespace #shadowban #shadowbanned #darkmatter #downtherabbithole #somewhere #outofthematrix #somewhereovertherainbow

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