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User Image sbertram87 Posted: Jan 20, 2018 10:55 PM (UTC)

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Arrived 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 time to get in shape @madeleychloe 🍑💪🏼👙🤞🏼#newyearnewplan #eatclean #trainharder #hiitworkouts
User Image blueyesbeautyco Posted: Jan 20, 2018 8:36 AM (UTC)

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Do my eyes tell my "story"? In my 41 years, everything they have observed, has made me who I am today. They have helped me to see my "Why". I will leave a legacy on this earth....will you?
User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 18, 2018 1:00 PM (UTC)

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Love this quote. It's so easy to dwell on what is going wrong and not see the good things around us. #newyearnewplan #matuslaw #gotwill
User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 17, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)

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Good habits start at home. Say 'Yes' if you agree!! #matuslaw #newyearnewplan
User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 17, 2018 7:54 PM (UTC)

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This week, I'll be in the Washington DC area working on my business and finding out new ways to help more people. #Howtomanage #matuslaw #newyearnewplan #gotwill
User Image meeresfunkeln Posted: Jan 17, 2018 5:37 PM (UTC)

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User Image wickedwrapscanada Posted: Jan 17, 2018 4:44 PM (UTC)

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Follow your dreams and dream BIG! Go with your gut and don’t hesitate. Your instincts will usually lead you in the right direction. Often we doubt ourselves and our abilities and hesitate to do the things we really want to do. It’s self sabotage, but so easy to turn around though when you change your mindset!
Believe in yourself- make a plan and make it happen! .
Happy Wednesday! 😊
#goforit #dream #plan #positiveenergy #newyearnewplan #inspiration #goals #loveyourlifeorchangeit #lift #crossfit #fitness #train #strong #stronglife #workhard #oly #fitfam #wickedwrapscanada
User Image sweetyarnsstore Posted: Jan 17, 2018 1:29 AM (UTC)

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Mixed up my days working on the boys’ projects this week but progress is progress. 😉 Halfway to the gusset rows, tree almost finished. 😊#knitallthethings #newyearnewplan #sweetyarnsshop
User Image designsbykaitlyn94 Posted: Jan 16, 2018 9:07 PM (UTC)

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User Image jamesriver Posted: Jan 16, 2018 4:21 PM (UTC)

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Lead Pastor, @deblindell’s new devotional on @YouVersion is a must read in 2018! Go ahead and download the @YouVersion bible app, search “She Believes” in Plans, and start reading today!
#SheBelieves #MustRead #Bible #App #Plans #Blessed #Jesus #Faith #Hope #Love #NewYearNewPlan #jrclife
User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 16, 2018 2:56 AM (UTC)

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By now, more than half of those w/ resolutions broke them? Don't be one of them. Get your Will done! #gotwill @matuslawgroup #matuslaw #newyearnewplan
User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:18 PM (UTC)

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User Image clmatusesq Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:12 PM (UTC)

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User Image perfectnails4ever Posted: Jan 15, 2018 12:52 PM (UTC)

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We've got some beautiful Valentine's nails on our site! ❤️ Link is in my bio, buy 3 get 1 free! This is dry nail polish so it doesn't smudge and it goes on easily! 🙌😍 Order yours today! #perfectnails4ever #keepitsimple #anyonecandoit
User Image missy620 Posted: Jan 14, 2018 12:40 PM (UTC)

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You go Rachelle!!! .
So I began m3+ trim Jun 2017 and continued on the system until the end of October 2017.

I then stopped the supplements but continued with my pledges: Drinking water, No fried foods, no soda and sometimes walking.

I did this for a few reasons:
It was the holidays and I wanted to enjoy myself and not worry about taking stuff with me when traveling.

But most importantly:
I wanted to test how my body would react without the products. Would I gain it all back like I had with other products in the past?
I am proud to post these photos, the before photo was in early June before the system and the after photo is just this week and if you search my name here in this group you'll notice there was no changes. I successfully went through the holidays without any weight gain. That is a huge accomplishment for me.

I can't give medical advice but I will list my issues

Liver disease
Kidney disease
Celiac disease
Addision Disease
No Gallbladder
#besmartlivesmart #keepgoing #youcantoo #newyearnewplan
User Image marlenemakeupartist Posted: Jan 13, 2018 7:39 PM (UTC)

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🧟‍♀️Created a character and brought it to life using my airbrush //Last FX post for today! Reposting my client work on this page to start fresh and keep organized. keeping my @marlenemua page as my main account for beauty and lifestyle keeping it all about myself. // #newbuisnessplan #makeupartist #fxmakeup #fxartist #charactermakeup #professionalmakeup #newyearnewplan #clientwork