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Love earth as we love others 🌱 if we treat all beings as equals, the world fills with more happiness and less hate & that's really what it's all about 🦋
The most amazing girl I know, you have brought so much joy in my life and so much excitement, you are my best friend and my partner in crime, I actually love you so much baby 💝❤️🤙🏽
Rumble and Tumble 🌊 This year, I've started to really enjoy taking photos of abstracts in nature. I have quite a few of these ocean abstracts that I'll be sharing over the next month or so. This first one might be my favourite... I honestly can't decide, stay tuned 🙊
Sitting there looking over the water thinking “how did my life end up this way, most amazing girl by my side and I’m happier then ever”
My beast and my brothers blue machine (Chevy nova with an ls1)
This morning @drewbiefresh, @elliewin and I met up with @jackdostine to try and get pictures of the 🐳 migrating south along the Australian coast. Regretfully, waking up before the sun didn't yield any clean whale shots (until the afternoon when Jack caught some), but I got this one before heading in. So I've got that going for me, which is nice
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The countdown is on. 2 days left of uni for the year... And then I'm heading back to this beautiful country. I could honestly keep going back again and again because I absolutely adore the mountains in the NZ. 😍🏔 My lovely friend @eightyy kept saying they don't even look real, like giant cardboard cutouts. I totally agree, they're almost too good to be true 😝

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