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User Image prislogan Posted: Feb 21, 2018 4:36 PM (UTC)

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Waited at Starbucks for way too long once again because my name was never called. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Im only answering to this for the rest of the day. #oldLadynameProbs #oldladygang #newnamewhodis #coffee #starbucks
User Image thealtons Posted: Feb 21, 2018 12:24 AM (UTC)

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Pugtons or 🤔
Oh and we have a show this Friday 😊 9pm at FIOB 4318 S Main St.
#NewNameWhoDis #Pugtons
User Image cassievondoom Posted: Feb 20, 2018 2:07 PM (UTC)

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New name, new hair... now I need a new color! Purple or Teal?!? (swipe for color options) Help me make bad decisions 💜💚
☥Bellow-Worthy occasion for this Jamaican-born/raised Black Girl of African & Taino descent.🎯 2/13/18 marks the concurrence of my citizenship ceremony & the legalizing of Aniceta as my official last name. I've always been that rebellious kid with a lion's heart, & a warrior's spirit who always questioned every single thing...but living in the United States for the past 6yrs has granted me the kinda lessons where the answers can only be found by going within, & can only be paid for with attention. Today closes a chapter that I'm beyond grateful to have lived, endured, and survived. From the death of my brother, to spending a couple weeks on Rikers Island, etc... that's a whole ’nother story for a whole ’nother day. #godbless #motherlesschild ♣♦♥♠ P.S. I changed my last name to liberate myself from one that was forced on my ancestor(s) & branded them as property. I believe keeping any of those names keeps the subconscious mind in subjugation. #leggo #freedom #newnamewhodis
#happy #grateful #pursuitofhappiness #forward #blessed #liberty #winning #knowthyself #trusttheprocess #alchemist #divinefeminine #warrior #survivor #lionheart #spiritguides #universe #soulwriter #life #onelove #inspiration #highvibes #anotherone #islandgirl #goodoverevil #cleanheart
NEW NAME WHO DIS?! @lifewithashal
When I started this account, fitness was my main focus. It was really the only aspect in my life that was flourishing and bringing me pure happiness at that moment in time. Now, it is just one of many things that make me, me. It’s just one part of my life that is consistently flourishing and making my heart more and more full each day.
As I said in my IG live, I’ll be transitioning this account to more of a lifestyle IG. I’ll still include some fitness, health, and wellness. However, I will also include other focuses such as travel, relationships, beauty, style, and simply every day life.
I hope you’ll not only accept these changes, but embrace them. I have found a life full of pure happiness and the most love. I can no longer try to force myself into this “box” of solely fitness. There is so much more to me. If you decide to stay for the ride, I appreciate your support endlessly. Thank you for growing with me💕
#newnamewhodis #igchange #namechange #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #travelgram #skincareaddiction #explorer #nationalparks #healthandwellness #fitnessgirl #motivational #mondaysbelike #relationships #everydaylife #grandcanyonhike #naturelover #travelbug #girlswhohike #newlifenewme #bucketlist #lovelife #fullheart #goalgetter #girlswithgoals #happinessisnow
User Image anotherloweredgmc Posted: Feb 18, 2018 2:23 PM (UTC)

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I could get used to this blue 🤷‍♂️ color matching soon and doing some tint, tires, roll pan, and system. Should be done from there for a while till I throw bags and 22s 😎🔥#MaybeASuperCharger #Lmao #MiniTruck #AnotherLoweredGmc #NewNameWhoDis #AnotherLiftedDmax #rip
User Image lafortalezacdmx Posted: Feb 18, 2018 12:31 AM (UTC)
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¡hemos actualizado nuestras redes sociales!

#lafortaleza #newnamewhodis #coworking #colectivodearte #estudiosdearte #cdmx
User Image alyssayuhas Posted: Feb 17, 2018 6:29 PM (UTC)
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Shane is trying out a new name today: Chuck. #newnamewhodis #saturdate
User Image vanessawouldessentials Posted: Feb 17, 2018 5:12 PM (UTC)

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A M E N 🙌🏼 happy Saturday friends! 💕
User Image tommmstagram Posted: Feb 15, 2018 2:29 AM (UTC)
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Thanks for the Birthday wishes @saveourstrays_westportct! #newnamewhodis, my baby brother’s name is Simon now! Can’t believe he’s two years old today. From the streets of the Bronx, to Connecticut, to Philadelphia this (not so) little guy sure has come a long way #😹 #adoptdontshop
#catsofinstagram #catstagram #cat #instacat #instakitten #instacat #instapaws #kittensofinstagram #kitten #mainecoon #mainecoon_id #weeklyfluffballs #igmeows #mainecoon_feature #pennsylvania #philadelphia #phillycats #catsofphilly
User Image cassievondoom Posted: Feb 13, 2018 10:46 PM (UTC)

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Well, I’m officially a VonDoom. How perfect that on the 13th my name change went through. It definitely won’t feel real for another few weeks while I wait for paperwork and then process endless more paperwork but none the less... it happened today 🖤
User Image theprairiewillowco Posted: Feb 13, 2018 7:56 PM (UTC)

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Ok Lovely people! Here it is! It’s rebranding day! Belle Starr Boutique has got a new name! @theprairiewillowco is up and running (it’s the same deal... we just changed our name) #newnamewhodis #westernfashion #boutique #namechange #clothing
User Image simplyynataliaa Posted: Feb 13, 2018 4:28 PM (UTC)
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after three years of being “TheRealJediPrincess” it’s time to say goodbye to what I wanted to be and to say hello to who I really am. And that’s simply me. I no longer want to be part of a community where likes and the amount of followers you have are more important than your friends and your core values. I don’t want to fake how amazing my life may look when I know I’m not perfect. I just want to simply be me. To all my followers that have been with me since day one, you guys are great and if you want to continue on seeing what journey I will go on next. Please stick around. But it’s time to post on my instagram for me and not for the amount of likes I will get on a picture. Stay humble, stay sweet and never change the goodness in your heart 🌺💖🙏🏼🙋🏻‍♀️😘 #newnamewhodis #stillatcastmember #simplyynataliaa
User Image stgermainevents Posted: Feb 12, 2018 3:34 PM (UTC)

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#mondayintroductions Have I ever introduced myself? Well here goes.... My name is Racquel but most people call Rocky
Today is ya girl's birthday 😊
Floral and design is my thing #designdisciple
I LOVE texture
I am of Haitian and Bahamian descent
Born and raised in Dade County #305
Aside from my husband & fur baby Neko, I love food and thanks to a good metabolism it doesnt show
Along with eating I love to cook
Along with good food I love good talks
I am extremely fond of a good book
I am constantly thinking of ideas so much that I wake up in the middle of the night with them...I need to start writing them down
Currently obsessed with @melrobbinslive, @skylergreystreetart, @kahlanabarfield and @impacttheory
I run this business with the hubby @randalljguyton who created an Instagram last year so now I can tag him in everything!
I love to help people and one of my goals in life is to start an organization that empowers our pretty brown girls 📷: @isabellacapriphoto
User Image lucia.b.creative Posted: Feb 13, 2018 12:14 AM (UTC)

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I just wrote a big long, deep and detailed post explaining what I’m doing and why I’ve changed my instagram handle to @lucia.b.creative and then I decided pffffttttt. I don’t need to explain this! I just need to say that this year, I’m focused on expanding my skills and creative outlets. More specifically in photography. Starting from the bottom and assisting photographers I respect and admire, the same way I started in styling almost 10 years ago. So hey there 👋🏼 expect to see pretty pictures I’ve taken for fun and for work, thrown in with my interior design and styling stuff 🖤 Here’s the Super Blue Moon from two weeks ago, taken on the south coast of NSW at Mimosa Rocks National Park.... #superbluemoon #photography #newnamewhodis #newyear #newadventures #HMU

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