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🇪🇸 🔴🌑 #Luna Nueva el 19/10/2017 en el signo de #Libra 26°
Podemos esperar el desarrollo de escenarios completamente inesperados en el #amor, #conyugal, #profesional y en la #sociedad.
Con esta #lunación destructiva durante toda la semana llegan las acciones inesperadas de su parte o de la persona importante para usted. En un sentido general es algo que debe perturbar nuestra #armonía y el #equilibrio en una #relación con alguien. El dia 19/10 no caer en la manipulación tanto propia como de otros ya que el resultado puede quemar la relación.
La energía eléctrica y el volátil de #Urano parece volverse aún más inestable de lo habitual en la oposición.
Mensaje viene de diciembre 2016, marzo 2017 y vienen los resultados finales ahora , eventos repetivos que liberan, deseo por lo nuevo , fin de relaciones dominantes.
🇷🇺 🔴🌑 Новолуние 19/10/2017 в знак #Весы 26 °
Мы можем ожидать развития совершенно неожиданных сценариев в любви, супружеской, профессиональной и общественной жизни.
B этом РАЗРУШАЮЩЕМ #НОВОЛУНИЕ ждите неожиданных поступков с вашей стороны или со стороны важного для вас человека. В общем смысле это то, что должно нарушить нашу гармонию и равновесие в отношениях с кем-то. В день 19/10 не впадайте в манипуляции как собственную , так и других, поскольку результат может сжечь отношения до конца.
Электрическая и волатильная энергия Урана, кажется, становится еще более изменчивой, чем обычно в оппозиции.
Сообщение приходит с декабря 2016, марта 2017, и теперь приходят окончательные результаты, повторяя освобождение событий, стремление к новому, конец доминирующих отношений.#отношения #луна #moon #astrology #astrologia #instadaily #newmoon #motivation #horoscopo #гороскоп #сила #force #life #love #dailyhoroscope
You are magic, you have the power to create magnificent chance if you apply your thoughts feelings and actions towards the same goal. Don't let society make you feel weak cuz you're magic is so powerful once you choose to step into it my loves. Today do at least one thing twirls positive change in your life. Start writing your new moon affirmations for tomorrow and focus only on what you want to attract into your life. You are powerful beyond comprehension 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #powerful #createchange #bethechange #change #magic #higherconsciousness #positivevibes #goodmorning #magic #newmoon #affirmations #grateful
Today is the #NewMoon of Lunar #Samhain. A lunation imbued with stardust from two stars that collided a couple of days ago in some far away galaxy. When the sky was peculiarly Sepia and the sun intensely radiant. This lunation, we are summoned by the sage crone to take heart, dive deeper into the unseen waters and rise onto the wiser golden vision seers that we are. Let us explore how to strengthen our roots of authenticity, brilliance and conviction by nurturing trust with oneself and another. #chidakashah #crystalhealing
Join us tonight for our #healing #soundbath at 6.30pm it’s time for #newbeginnings to let go of all that no longer serves you feel the #soundwave embrace your body and #mind as it helps balance your #energy align your #chakras it’s eve of a #newmoon allow yourself to look forward and embrace new opportunities #spiritual #wellbeing #balance #harmony #happiness #contentment in #life cost $10 please Bri g #yoga mat blanket and pillow #healing #energy #love #innerpeace leave feeling light and energized ready to embrace that fresh #new start in life.. #lancaster #antelopevalley #av #palmdale #quartzhill #rosamond #tehachapi #holistic #healthylifestyle #nature supports balance 🙏🏼
It seems that a lot of us woke up in a funk yesterday + it may be lingering today in anticipation of the New Moon 🌙
Tonight's new moon in Libra is all about releasing what doesn't serve us, setting intentions, and the start of new beginnings 💫🙏🏼
I decided to do an Emotional Wellness Class in my stories today (highlighting the best essential oils to release negative emotions, restore courage, and restore peace and harmony to our emotional state, along with how to use them) in honor off all of these emotions coming up! I hope you watch and enjoy! 🌿
Feeling so grateful for these wellness tools that have transformed my life and elevated my happiness like never before 💫
#newmoon #findwhatlightsyouup #myoilyday
NEW Blog Post ●. The New Moon on 19th October falls within the sign Libra and is all about grounding and finding the balance within life.

Libra symbols balance and fairness and is known to symbolize The Scales of Justice. This sign helps to restore equilibrium to all things it touches. Under a Libra planetary transit, it can allow us to look at all parts of our lives that feel unbalanced and unaligned and use that energy to bring equilibrium and balance back. During this time, the energy is asking us to connect our heart and mind and to strengthen that powerful connection....... △See link in bio for full blog post) #blogpost #blogger #newmoon #libra♎️ #thesouldoula
NEW BEGINNING 🙏NEW MOON 🌚 in LIBRA ♎️10/19 balance the scales of light 🌞 & dark 🌚 by embracing our shadows WE make way to FREEDOM through the SUN ☀️❤️ guiding us to SOURCE ❤️ 🌕giving us energy to begin SPINNING 🌀the WHEEL OF FORTUNE🌀 into HARMONY🕊 be LOVE be ONE ☝️ ❤️🌳with NATURE, FREE-SPIRITED & see 😍the INNOCENCE 🦄 BEING❤️✨LOVE AND LIGHT ☀️CHANGE FATE 🌚into FORTUNE 🌟as ONE We can build BRIDGES to JOY ❤️🌟🌞🌚🌌and so it is ✌️🕊🌈🌞🌚☯️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨☝️❤️🦋🌀1+9=10 1+0=1 🌀🌞🌚🌞🌌✌️🌎love~amor~light~luz~blessings~bendiciones#newmoon#libra#worldpeace#sunmoonstars#cosmos#universe#energy#chakras#kundaliniyoga#reiki#divinefeminine#divinemasculine#twinflame#soulmate#humanity#earth#onelove#oneness#divinematrix#healing#balance#mindbodyspirit#heartandsoul#firstlighttarot#amorluz#harmony
Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus), aka Chinese Bell Fower, is native to East Asia. It is grown both as a medicinal herb and a vegetable, as well as a garden ornamental with showy bell-shaped violet-blue flowers.
As the common name would suggest, Balloon Flower has unique flower buds that swell up like balloons. Each of it’s five petals remain fused at the tips as the flower bud gently swells and gestates until it is ready to bust open into its full violet-coloured glory. After the petals wilt, a new gestation begins as its large ovules swell with ripened seed.
Balloon Flower is a meditation on how to move in and out of the stages of introversion and extroversion in a graceful and balanced way. In a culture that encourages extroversion to a fault, it can sometimes be difficult to honor that each of us has the equal need for introversion.
A time of introversion is necessary to nourish and integrate, build integrity. It is not ‘doing nothing’ but 'inward doing'; and truly the secret to wholeness. The new moon in Libra tomorrow is an opportunity to move inward and experience deeper reflection on our relationship to ourselves and to the earth and those around us.
During a new moon, the sun and the moon are in conjunction. They sit side by side in the sky allowing the perfect opportunity for the union of their opposing introverted and extroverted natures. Wholeness can be found through the marriage of the sun and moon within us; the integration of the inner with the outer; the shadow with the light.
A common herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Balloon Flower is little known in the West. The fleshy roots have been used for thousands of years in Asia as a treatment for respiratory disorders, especially those that are inflammatory, damp and phlegmy in nature. It has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels, inhibit the histamine response, and balance blood sugar.
Balloon Flower is herbaceous perennial that is hardy to zone 4. It grows to about two feet tall, with flowers opening from July - August. It prefers moist, well-drained soil and a spot in part shade or full sun. The roots can be dug in the fall of the second or third year.
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Ay ile Güneşin kavuşarak yeni bir döngüyü başlattığı Yeniay bu kez yarın Terazi burcunda gerçekleşecek. Bu Yeniay’ın ilişki burcu Terazi’de gerçekleşmesi ve tam karşısında beklenmeyeni bekle mottosunu simgeleyen Uranüs’ün olması yakın ilişkilerimizde ve ortaklı girişimlerimizde açık ve önyargısız olmanın önemini gösteriyor. İşin içinde Uranüs olunca bugünlerde hayatımıza giren ve çıkan insanlara bilindik genel değer yargılarıyla yaklaşmamız yarardan ziyade ziyan getirebilir. Nitekim Uranüs bu Yeniay’da bize her zamanki tutumundan farklı davran, spontan ol ve son dakikada olabilecek süprizlere ve değişikliklere hazırlan mesajı veriyor. Bu Yeniay’a istikrarı gösteren Satürn’ün verdiği destek ani ve gelip geçici olduğunu düşündüğümüz bir ilişki ya da işbirliğinin zannettiğimiz kadar kısa ömürlü olmayabileceğine işaret ediyor. Bu bağlamda Yeniay’ın Sabian sembolü de oldukça ilginç gözüküyor. Çünkü 26 derece Terazi’de bize irademizle duygularımızı yapıcı biçimde bütünlemeyi hareketlerimizde ve sözlerimizde hem esnek hem kararlı hem de yumuşak olmayı öğütlüyor. Bu Yeniay’ın getirdiği döngüde yeni ilişkiler kadar mevcut ilişkilerimizi ve onların bizi ne kadar beslediğini de sorgulayacağız. Yeter ki ne istediğimizin farkında olup bu isteği ya da beklentiyi karşı tarafa daha net ama yumuşak biçimde aktaralım. Zira bu yeni döngüde sert, içinde anlayış ve açıklık barındırmayan tutumlar ilişkileri aniden kopartıcı etki yaratabilir. Size huzurlu bir Yeniay diliyoruz.

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Join us tonight for the New Moon Ceremony at @rebirthwellness! 8:30-10:30, come experience deep healing and a supportive community. Restorative yoga, energy healing, journaling, burning ceremony, and so much more! Pm or email to reserve your spot!
Here's what one of our amazing community members had to say about our ceremonies: "Every wildfyre moon ceremony experience has had a huge impact on my life. Through the beautiful activities the group takes you on, I've been able to go deep into self healing and awareness and it has been so profound. The wildfyre team are loving, compassionate, supportive and funny. The events are truly divine and magical and if you haven't been you're missing out and need to come out!!"
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