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Started using my speech notes - big fail! After 2 pages I even bored myself! Passion and enthusiasm won out in the end. A brilliant crowd of strong Baby-Boomers wanting to kick Dementia’ arse in Alphington! #cwa #alphington #babyboomers #changeagents #generousdonation #socialentrepreneurs #publicspeaker #stigam #newlifeahead
User Image jennironns Posted: Nov 18, 2017 5:34 PM (UTC)
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13 years I've been waiting for this moment, and its finally happened. I'd like to thank wikipedia, and whoever the hell invented copy and paste for those sleepless nights doing assignments last minute. To all my year 12 buddies for giving me strength and hope to keep me moving forward, and not just throwing myself off a cliff (even though I've tried to do that many times) Thanks for nothing. Love you guys😂💚 good luck in the future, call me up when y'all
get famous.

#graduation #finally #hellyeah #13yearslater #highschooldays #year12 #classof2017 #wileygirls #schoolyearisover #newlifeahead
User Image kaylamreinert Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:24 AM (UTC)
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Things seem to be changing so quickly in my life.
I'm listening and clinging to what God has for me and our family.
One of the biggest things has to do with my health. I've been on my own health journey for 3 years now and it's always felt like something was missing.
I've struggled to have good, natural alternatives to conventional medicine. I've struggled to have natural ways to support my body other than food.
I take supplements -- including probiotics, enzymes, vitamin D, etc.
Because just having a healthy diet isn't enough.
However, I still have known there is more. And that some things could be easier.
I'm so blessed and thankful to find a community and mentor to help me on this natural lifestyle journey. ❤️❤️
It's also given me a kick in the pants to finally get rid of the toxic products laying around my house, FOR GOOD! Well... until my new, natural products are ordered 😜
Exciting things are happening!!!
Moving is just the beginning of a new adventure. A new season of life. And an amazing opportunity to do the kind of farming we love and to help support a wonderful ministry.
Join Him in what He is doing here on Earth 🙌 it's so good!!!!!!!
#newlifeahead #glorytogod #godismoving #goddoesgreatthings #jesusaboveall #faithoverfear #madetomatter #worklifebalance #stayinspired #adventurethatislife #livethelifeyoulove #sharegoodness #makeitblissful #gracemakers #lampandlight #weareunveiled #doitafraid #wellnessjourney #dontgiveupnow #eatwelllivewell #liveonpurpose #chemicalfreeliving
User Image taliastrega Posted: Nov 17, 2017 3:22 PM (UTC)
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It’s Fun Fact Friday!! Time to share something fun with each other! Ok, here goes: When I was 14 I went to Barbizon Modeling School! Yes I did 😂 I went every Saturday for 1 full year to the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan. Back then I thought that hotel was everything fancy and sophisticated. My parents still hate me since they had to take the train during snow storms 😂 I learned to walk, do my makeup (as if I didn’t already know that!) and anything else they thought was course worthy. I laugh at it now because I really think it’s one of the biggest cons of all time, but I did have one final fashion show and one photo shoot (can we say creepy photographer?). I wonder if that place still exist ? *starts to google* ok it’s your turn! What’s a fun fact about you?
User Image jodie.shiel Posted: Nov 16, 2017 7:19 PM (UTC)
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Putting myself out there on social media feels very scary! However now I’m working in this field I can’t hide anymore :-) Over the past 5 yrs, whilst I have been wandering the globe, I have had the space and opportunity to try new things, re-train, discover new and old passions and experience some of my dreams! One of the biggest things I have realised is the only person holding you back is you... Working in my dream job for @kissmyfairyibz has created the opportunity for me to learn, develop my photography (one of my new passions) and be creative!!! The future is exciting 🖤
Thanks for the pic and encouragement @zoenewlove 🖤
User Image taliastrega Posted: Nov 15, 2017 3:20 PM (UTC)
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Speaking your truth involves being honest with yourself and with others about what you’re doing, not only with your life but what you’re doing to impact the world. You could be a teacher teaching music or teaching meditation where the school board doesn’t approve. You could be a painter painting social injustices. You could be a freedom fighter or a detox coach teaching people about the truth about health😉 Or you could be a psychic like me trying to teach and raise people’s consciousness. Speaking your truth isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s even scary since there are always those who don’t agree or share your view. It involves going against the grain. We all have a mission on this planet and we all have a truth to share with others. How some foods are unhealthy, how such and such is bad for humanity or animals etc. This morning I woke up to about 7 messages of a woman telling me that I would burn in hell, that I should repent, that I’m evil and Jesus will smite me. This woman’s comments were filled with anger and hatred but mostly they were filled with FEAR. Fear of me and other healers and lightwarriors speaking our truth. I could’ve engaged with this woman. I could’ve replied to her & told her that Jesus has actually visited me twice in my life & he’s pretty proud of me and my work. I could’ve told her that he & I are actually pretty cool. But I didn’t. Although part of my mission is to raise consciousness, I know that there some people who are not ready to hear my truth. This was my uncomfortable test of the week like the energy said. It’s the Universe making me extremely uncomfortable to prepare me to speak my truth on a larger scale (Oprah anyone?) I won’t lie, it did bring up some fears. When people don’t understand something & they’re afraid, they become aggressive and angry which can be pretty scary. But I trust the universe, the energy and definitely my guides. So I’ll keep speaking my truth and growing and expanding while changing the world one person at a time!

How are you speaking your truth today?
User Image tillyannasbridal Posted: Nov 15, 2017 9:18 AM (UTC)
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Another wonderful card arrived today from the gorgeous Llio with some beautiful and kind words inside. Thank you Llio 💕 #weddingcard #thankyoucard #husbandandwife #newlifeahead #mrandmrs ❤️
User Image mo_katia Posted: Nov 14, 2017 8:43 PM (UTC)
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backstage 🎠 when party’s over. and we’re getting exactly what we desire👌🏻 afterwards, brand-new day is coming to make a new point of destination #nomorenaïve #timeisover #newlifeahead #lifelongjourney #givebirthachance
User Image taliastrega Posted: Nov 13, 2017 6:46 PM (UTC)
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This week things may appear to get a little crazy but only on the surface. It's like the quote says: when things appear to be falling apart they're actually falling into place. Don't worry though- nothing will actually fall apart but things will move around and adjust. Unnecessary things will vanish, almost as if on their own. You will receive blessings but they might not be easily recognized and will be packaged differently than you would expect. Some blessings are obvious and look exactly the way we hoped and others have you taking a second look and maybe a bit of a “what is this??” Lol The universe always knows what we need. We might think we know what we want and even need but many times the universe has other plans. The energy this week asks you to remain calm and at peace knowing that there’s always a greater plan and reason for things. There is no chaos, things are not out of control, everything is exactly as it should be unfolding. This may come as a delay or change in schedule or change in plans that will turn out in your favor. It could be a door closing because a bigger door is opening or he could be a no because I’m much better yes it’s coming. Whatever it is that happens this week know that it’s for the best and the outcome will be really positive one!!

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