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nancyhunt 282w ago
The corner store. Once the cornerstone of the neighborhood. Here it still exists with a pay phone out front. Very few know what they are for anymore, or more so why anyone would want to use one. Lost technology but not entirely forgotten. #newhomework19 #whatsold
gibsonway 281w ago
Gone but not forgotten! At least by some of us who flue with them!
gibsonway 281w ago
PNA (Pacific Northern Airlines) that landed at the then Kodiak Navel Air Base in 1967.
kooljatt 281w ago
Whatever you are facing today, remember to give yourself some credit for making it this far. You are stronger than you know.
rayray74 281w ago
Creep show. A rare find for me, a house still somewhat intact. The skull was a bit off putting though. #abandonedmontana