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Love that I get to give back to others. With an amazing leader @amy.otis at the helm and showing us the way this team has learned that giving back is huge and fulfilling! I want everyone to benefit from this amazing nutrition and this week we truly made that possible. I am blessed. .
Do you struggle with balance postures? Don’t worry! We all wobble from time to time. Yoga isn’t about touching your toes or limb-twisting 👌 it’s about uniting your body and mind and using your breath to relax the body and ease your movements. If you want to start your yoga practise why not sign up to our newbie yoga 4-week course starting on Oct 26th. Tag a friend and come start your adventure today. 👯👬👭👫 click the link in our bio and head to the workshop tab to book.
Dimanche dernier : essayer de faire un chaturanga à froid, juste pour voir si j’y arrive, de faire mal et être courbaturée pendant 2 jours...quand je dis que je pars de loin!! Jour 21 du challenge yoga de @oseleyoga #oseleyogathemedchallenge .
Pose : #chaturanga .
Et jour 20 du challenge yoga.
Pose : #tabletoppose . Non non je ne suis pas enceinte 😱 😡😆.
#yogadebutant #yoga #yoganewbie #yogaishard #yogaoutside #newbieyogi
Serious question for my yogis. Are you suppose to drink prework before you do yoga ?? #newbieyogi #piyo #day2of60
You guys!! I have been getting more interested in yoga lately. I think it comes from the chaos of having three kids and just wanting something to help me feel more grounded in my workouts. My favorite part right now is practicing inversions, especially at home bc this is something I feel I can do on my own!! I love learning about new workouts, like truly learning...not just going to a few classes and saying I’ve tried a bunch of different workouts. So keep an eye out for this newbies🙋🏼journey!!😂😍
Warning: Yoga Newbie right here! Dont laugh lol 😂Today was Day 1 of the #crowfever challenge 🙏🏻 so here was my attempt at it! I almost gave up because I could not get myself to stay up and hold myself but I remembered what my bestie @kelliann_fit said and to just keep trying and practice so I did! 😊 Ill get better eventually! #yogachallenge #crowfever #flowyourcrow #yogapose #yogaposes #yoganewbie #yogalover #tiuteam #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #newbieyogi @kianangyoga @beahappyamy @rtlucyyogi @aurorabowkett @susanbishopyoga @sharasklar @yogapaws @youphoria @infinitystrap @mayyouknowjoy @shopyogaculture @dontmesswithganesh
After yoga breakfast! Love starting the day w/some beginner sun salutations, now Apple pie fridge oats 😋 #womp #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlvibes #28dayjumpstart #newbieyogi
New toys! I've been practicing yoga inconsistently for a little over a year but have found myself really craving it lately to keep myself sane. It's that 30min/1 hour a day that is only mine. Time to play 🤸‍♀️ Yoga tutorial by @bananablondie108 my one and only yoga teacher 💛

P.s. Each of us working on self-development 😊

#yoga #newbie #newbieyogi #vegan #veganyogi #selfdevelopment #whatcouplesdo #natural #noideawhatimdoing with this instagram thing
Tried something new today... #chinstand 😜 definitely not the easiest thing! Happy to report my face and neck are still intact 😓 will keep practicing...
Protein PACKED! and so delicious ☺️ Greek Chicken Gyros on paleo crepes 👌🏻 Doesn't compare to the ones we had in Greece this past June, but NOTHING could ever touch that ❤️ 🇬🇷
A little Saturday morning yoga wheel play with my favorite person ☺️ Kids are ALWAYS watching 👀 It's not always easy getting him involved, but it's important 🌺#apanayoga
Yogasm : (N) The feeling of bliss when you're done working our butt off on your yoga mat 😂😂😂 #yogaforlife

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