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Trying to stay true to my instagram “layout”, I was looking for a solid quote. It turns out that @melrobbinslive reposted this phenomenal woman a few days ago and I’m freaking OBSESSED with how uplifting and motivating it is that I couldn’t just pick one quote from it to share with you - so here’s the whole thing! 🌟 . . .

#Repost @jstlbby with @repostapp
I had this talk w myself today so I jst thought I’ll have it w. Y’all too! Enjoy your #Freakyfridaythe13th.
It’s that time of year again!
That time of year when it’s still dark out when my alarm goes off, when it’s so cold that my covers seems extra inviting, and when I notoriously oversleep.
Confession: I could sleep for 10 hours every single night and if I get less than 6 hours it is not a pretty sight 😤

So, just like every fall, it’s time to switch up my wake up routine. New alarm clock, new sounds, maybe even new workout gear - whatever it takes to get me up and out of bed!! Tomorrow, I’ll be testing out a new alarm clock app that has new sounds AND makes me solve 3 math problems before the noise will stop😂 Hopefully this will be able to wake me up without 15 alarms (that I still sleep through🙈) and get me up in the morning!!
Happy birthday to the best sister 🎂🎁🥂🍾 Hopefully you enjoyed last night because you certainly paid for it today! #24 #bdaygal #newalarmclock #sistasista 👭❤️
This is what I woke up this morning and what happens most mornings with Gidgee & Max. #newalarmclock #dogsofinstagram
😂😂😂 "They" can NEVER make me hate #shialabeouf this man is a 💎. This is #hilarious but also motivating as hell.... I need him to follow me around all day screaming this at me so I can get my life together 😧 #Mood for the rest of the year. #newalarmclock #newringtone #newanthem #motivation #inspiration #justdoit #goals #bae
Nothing like waking your son up for his first day of school with a drum solo! #killingit #townesdanger #newalarmclock @thetimoconnor

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