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#TonyE you were in my life but a short few years but the memories will last a lifetime! Miss you brotha! #NFTE #neverforgettonyevjenth
Two heavies right here. We miss both of these amazing humans. @tony_e and @vanwastell in HI on a Matix trip Dec '07 #neverforgettonyevjenth #neverforgetvanwastell #matixclothing
joshp 3w ago
6 years my friend. I think about you all the time. And those thoughts always bring a smile to my face. And always will. This photo was taken by @bobburnquist on the eS Germany Tour. #neverforgettonyevjenth
Can't believe its been six years. Everyday and always - on my mind and in my heart. #neverforgettonyevjenth
joshp 1M ago
New shop decks using the font Tony drew. I hope Tony is as stoked on these as I am. Miss you buddy. #neverforgettonyevjenth
joshp 1M ago
So it’s seems I selected the wrong sticker type when I had these new shop decals made... so they are transparent. If you stick them on something white, you’re stoked. Otherwise they look like doo doo. Le sigh. #neverforgettonyevjenth
joshp 1M ago
New shop stickers using Tony's font. Super stoked on these. #neverforgettonyevjenth
joshp 1M ago
A smidge late with this #tbt But we got @erickoston giving Tony E. and @justineldridge the finger. Pretty sure @atibaphoto shot this. #neverforgettonyevjenth
I know a lot of the homies don't share the same social media. But I put a bunch of pics by @_philms on the chronnies. From the tony jam. Plus a video by @streetskateshop. So cruise over and enjoy. #neverforgettonyevjenth
Highlights from last week's Skate Jam for Tony Evjenth. Full length edit is up on YouTube. Link in bio. #nfte #nfteskatejam #neverforgettonyevjenth
I'm a dabbler. Music, art and skateboarding. I'm not good at any of it, but it's always fun to figure it out. #neverforgettonyevjenth #neverforgetjoehyland #neverforgetjasonmonroe
We hope everyone had a good time at the Tony E Jam last Saturday! Here's a few clips filmed by @sailor_g00n of team dudes and friends, @ynhoj @my_special_blend @shane_schueler and @mikey_loves_tacos. Thanks everyone for coming out! #nfte #nfteskatejam #neverforgettonyevjenth
Bloopers, blunders, bails and nuggies at the Tony E. Skate Jam in Santa Rosa with @antihero_wakebladez @chalker_chronicles @joshp Full edit of the best trick contests will be posted soon. #nfte #nfteskatejam #neverforgettonyevjenth
This is the only picture I took at the #nfte jam on Sunday. It's of a good friend #bubba who is hyped on the #anotherdayanothershirt thing I'm doing. Some here is a guest spot for #day54 an #OG @visionstreetwear #gonz wish I had this one! If anyone knows his insta handle please tag him. #teeshirts4days #goodfriendsgreattimes #nfte #neverforgettonyevjenth #neverforget
@josebeez1 always blasting! Stoked to see ya out killing it man! Thanks for coming out! I wish I filmed more but I was so busy! #neverforgettonyevjenth #nfteskatejam #nfte