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#neverforgetkristianbomholt23 POSTS

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Happy Birthday old friend. Always thinking about you!
Much love from @jenn7clem and I
#neverforgetkristianbomholt 🎂🍻🙏🏼
2007 DVS EastInfection tour
Happy B-Day you crazy fuck..
Miss your bad jokes and your laughter #neverforgetkristianbomholt
NEVER FORGET KRISTIAN BOMHOLT ! #viking. All the best to everyone @copenhagenopen . Wish I could have made it this year , much love to all the guys down at #cphopen for throwing the best fucking event of the year ! See ya next time . #neverforgetkristianbomholt #CPH
jenn7clem 117w ago
#flashbackfriday to that one time I was in Copenhagen ❤️😍❤️ Seeing all the posts from @copenhagenopen and everybody there enjoying #wonderfulcopenhagen I'm missing everybody and the whole experience and especially @beergut74 😘
beergut74 121w ago
Kicking off the postings leading up to this summers #CPHOPEN
All the amazing people I know in Copenhagen start from this amazing human, Kristian Bomholt.
Kristian in the door way of Mark Baines flat.
Every time I go back to CPH I ride my bike around thinking about my first tours thru the city that Kristian took me on. bars, skate spots, historic sites, the whole kit.
Miss you #KristianBomholt we will be tipping a few back in your honor very soon 🍻🍻👊🏼 @copenhagenopen @copenhagenskatepark #NeverForgetKristianBomholt ❤️
Kristian Bomholt | Shifty Melon La Défense - Paris | Last Century | Analog | Canon T-90 & FD 200mm F/2,8 | strictlyMag Tour/ European Tour | #kristianbomholt #bomholt #instagram #rip
beergut74 147w ago
I wanted to write a really long message about my love for skateboarding, friends, family, life's adventures, traveling and tie it into my favorite place, Copenhagen Denmark. This book #DanskSkateboarding stirred those emotions in me for sure. Hand delivered by @keld_aabjoern from the lovely @missjanelea #NeverForgetKristianBomholt
Thank you all, with love 🍻❤️@jenn7clem @fredgreyson @clark_x @goodwind_studio @burgerkongen @frederiktanghoej @thomaskring @jonasskroder @denerguar @cphpro @cphbowljam #henrikedelbo #thankyouskateboarding #sorryforallthetext #iknowileftsomepeopleout #sorry
beergut74 176w ago
Mr @paulshier carried this board back from Brazil for me. This is one of the boards that our good friend Kristian Bomholt skated on the DVS City of Dogs tour - thank you Walter for holding on to it, and Paul bringing to the USA. #neverforgetkristianbomholt @spitfirewheels @realskateboards @dvsskateboarding @matixclothing @ratkingskateboards 🐀
beergut74 186w ago
5 years ago we lost this amazing human. Kristian lived life to its fullest at all times. Ripping skater, funny as hell and always had my back. Miss you Kristian! #neverforgetkristianbomholt
keithcgs 186w ago
It's been 5 yrs without Kristian Bomholt. Not a day passes without you being missed. #neverforgetkristianbomholt #dvs
It's been 5 years without our Viking #kristianbomholt .. Not a day passes without you being missed. #neverforgetkristianbomholt !
beergut74 222w ago
Still can't believe this dude isn't here with us. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing city of Copenhagen Kristian. #cphpro #neverforgetkristianbomholt
beergut74 221w ago
You would never know the level of jet lag Jen is experiencing by this amazing smile. @clemjenn @cphpro #cphpro #cphpro2013 #matixcphpro #neverforgetkristianbomholt