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#im703wc : 5 slots was dedicated to my age group. As one guy already was qualified meant that at least top 6 would qualify. So it seems I’ll be going to Africa twice in 2018. 😃⭐️🙌🏽”Start unknown - finish unforgettable” #nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon #uperfrom_coaching #napralogica #apollosports #trispot #ironman703
User Image mbylund77 Posted: Dec 10, 2017 2:56 PM (UTC)
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My well performed run took me up throw my ranks in my AG (age group) 30-34. Finishing 6th. As the group was quite close I became super disappointed when I heard after the race.
Happy as few when lifting that banner though! (pictured) 😄. I didn’t expect anything before the race, as I just came back to probably training.
I was 5.20min from a Kona qualification! 7.30 from AG win & 2.10 from podium. If I only had known. Reducing my time at aid station stops and push a little harder. 15s per km had really been possible (Kona).
Now I’m of course okay with it. I got a huge amount of confidents. With little more training! I’m now believing I’m ready to fight the top of my AG. That’s worth a lot! Look out world! I’m coming for ya! “Keep smiling”! Right? @vesterbytri 😄🙌🏽#nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon #napralogica #maurten #uperformcoaching #apollosports #trispot
THE RUN: And then I mean Thé Run! When putted in mind that I only had been running properly for a handful of weeks, because/for in that perspective I really did a wonderful run. Looking back with the knowledge I have now I maybe should (and could) have pushed harder. Had such a great feeling all the way, even in the humid and heat!
Race plan was clear. As I should have over-biked, then probably, starting the run with heavy legs, I should therefore give myself a change to adjust - and not look at my watch for the first 2km. Then find my pace until halfway where the game was free to play. It took less than 2k to settle. And less than that before I looked at my watch.. Felt great and increased my pace a little. One of my strongest advice was (to try) to keep cooled. I stop a every station to pour ice and water.
When entering the run course, I already had a handful of teammates out there. What a motivational factor. I started my pursuit. Friends along the course didn’t make it harder either! Last three km was hard - I were challenging myself for the first time of the day. Made the finish line feel a little sweater!
So how? From no running to a 1.20.50 Halfironmanmarathon. In no time? It could be random, it could be luck. But I would like to dedicate my speedy performance to 3 factors!
1. Im participating in endurance enhancing treatment with @napralogica . Which really is moving me forward, faster than any could hope for!
2. Very well fuel coming of the bike, big thanks to @maurten_official and their long lasting energy product!
3. Genius change of training schedule constantly adapting to my current performances and adding cross trainer, while not able to run. By @uperform_coaching !
I’m must say I’m extremely proud of that performance, especially in the light of my poor volume of running leading up. 11th best runsplit in a official IRONMAN race - in a race with 26 professionals on the starting list. Add Kona slots brining some of the best AGs from all over the world there. I did that run with “ease”. So much more to come. I think my future looks bright! 💥🔥👊🏽
“As harder I train, as luckier I get - it seems!” 💪🏻🍀#nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon
User Image fotograflina Posted: Dec 9, 2017 2:55 PM (UTC)
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Intervaller - ångest innan och så sjukt härligt efter ✌️ #intervaller #löpning #spring #nelkerstt #trispot #
User Image mbylund77 Posted: Dec 9, 2017 1:36 PM (UTC)
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Före julbord springer man, det är sen gammalt! Om en veckas tid så är det löpning på lite trevligare stränder som gäller 🌴☀️
#löpning #running #ilovrunning #trispot #trilife #nelkerstt #ironmantraining #lifeisbetteronthebeach
User Image mfinnved Posted: Dec 9, 2017 12:38 PM (UTC)

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Längtar massor efter det där 👆🏻. MEN... är otroligt tacksam över att det bara är ett virus som hindrar mig att träna just nu. Alldeles för många drabbas ju av andra mycket, mycket värre saker än så. Utnyttjar tiden till att lyssna på julmusik, kolla klart på ”the 100” och tvätta istället. En månad kvar att träna innan jag får cykla på playitas igen. Då kommer jag vara frisk, stark, glad! Inte alla som har den turen 💫💙 #mpwr #mpwrsportswear #empoweryourself #löpning #terribletuesdaystriathlon #nelkerstt #vinter #längtar
User Image mbylund77 Posted: Dec 9, 2017 10:27 AM (UTC)
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Surfs up 🤙🏼!
Tack @surfspot_sweden för hjälp med en tidig födelsedagspresent till mig själv. En uppblåsbar Red Paddle SUP 👌✌️👍 #still30ish #standuppaddle #redpaddleco #sup #trispot #nelkerstt
User Image mbylund77 Posted: Dec 8, 2017 3:40 PM (UTC)
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Yes, it’s a #gymselfie, and not even a good one. Sorry, it’s just to tell you I haven’t stopped exericising, just not so much #swimbikerun, rather more of strenght and yoga. Tuning the body for next season. 💪👊 So now you know, wont bother you with more gymselfies.
#offseason #nelkerstt #trispot #trilife #ironmantraining #friyay #fredagsfysförefredagsmys
I actually tried to bribe my team mates with lucia bruna this morning. The deal was that everyone who completed the session would get one. Two showed up... Putte left after 1500 m, muttering "swimming with you is like cycling with @nilspenton" 😂 @_ewil_ stayed for 3000 m, but in his defence he's been ill for quite some time. Now what was the session you might ask... Just a standard 5200 m before breakfast 😁 a solid friday morning! #iloveswimming #ironmantraining #sub55 #imsa2018 #roadtokona #lussebullar #racenutrition #christmastime #nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon #swedishsportsdistribution #g33kcoaching
User Image recnatta Posted: Dec 7, 2017 11:48 AM (UTC)

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Och där cyklar jag in i säsongen 2018... Sim-, cykel- och löptest gjorda. Förvånad över att jag är i så bra form som jag faktiskt är. Trodde jag inte. Jag tyckte jag var i super form i april-maj, och önskade så mycket att jag hade lagt en tävling där. Men i dagsläget är jag faktiskt i bättre form båda sim och löpmässigt, och cykeln trampar jag nästan samma watt. Offseason is tydligen treating me well. Extremt bra utgångsläge för att sätta igång träningen inför Ironman South Africa i april. Taggad som fan 💪 #myroadtokona #cycling #itonmantraining #ironman #tri #triathlon #trigirl #ironman703wc #uperformcoaching #uperformathlete #uperformdk #nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon 📸 @mrmar10n ❤️⭐️
User Image farfrompro Posted: Dec 7, 2017 9:06 AM (UTC)
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Alarm goes off at 05:40, smudging the sleep out of my eyes while trying to down an apple. Walking down the stairs with sore legs from the past couple of days with hard training and walking through the snow out into the garage wearing just my bib shorts... Hopping on to my bike and I'm off! 3x(5x1 min) VO2-max repeats, now that's one way to wake up in the morning. 99 % of the road to success isn't pretty, but with my eyes on the price it's all worth it! #ilovecycling #trainerseason #wahooligan #kickr #trainerroad #ironmantraining #imsa2018 #roadtokona #nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon #swedishsportsdistribution #g33kcoaching
User Image trifredrik Posted: Dec 6, 2017 4:54 PM (UTC)

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Det gäller att inte slarva med försäsongsträningen. Min coach såg till att jag inte slappade idag. #terribletuesdaystriathlon #nelkerstt
User Image Posted: Dec 6, 2017 3:53 PM (UTC)
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Vår ambassadör @mrmar10n om cyklingen på IM Phuket! 🔥 #Repost @mrmar10n
The Ride. Still early in the season, which is no excuse though. The race plan was quite clear, I should try to overbike compared to my current form! As my run is my strong discipline, I normally don’t over do the bike ride to perform even better later.. on the run. I had only been running for a handful of weeks, so agreed to the plan (of course).
Leaving the beach to T1. I was terrified of the sand on my feets. And the showers didn’t help much. Furthermore sand all the way for the mount on. But to my surprise, that actually went fine. Even though I biked with half the beach in my shoes.
It was a new bike-course compared to last year. Instead of a totally flat course, we had some steep hills with up to 16% gradient in the beginning. Due to rain the hills became serious slippery. Some parts of the downhill was quite technical & controlled by marshals. Saw some nasty crashes and took it easy down. Rest of the course was rolling & comfortably fast. Therefore extremely enjoyable.
I had a minor incident on the bike and some troubles with my Garmin Edge mount, which is pictured. Otherwise it went quite smooth.
After analyzing my data, I properly could (& should) have pressed a little more.
I did tryout @maurten_official with the purpose of filling up with lasting energy before my run. And as I will return with in my next post. This first product test worked very well! 💪🏻👌🏼
Bike-split was 2:34. “The master have failed more, than the beginner has even tried!” #nelkerstt #terribletuesdaystriathlon #napralogica #uperformcoaching #trispot #apollosports