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User Image tylerellis38 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 11:36 AM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
Baby girl.... were do I start.... everyone looks for that person that they can’t live with out. That person that completes there soul. That person that truly makes them happy. That person that they can call there own who is loyal, loving and genuine. With all that said Whitney you are that person. You are my person. You have showed me that true love does exist and it is possible to find. I promise that I will always love you. I will protect you and guard your heart as if it were my own. You are so beautiful, smart and just all around perfect. We get to take a big step in our relationship in about a month and I honestly can say I would not rather it be any one else. Your bring joy to my life and a excitement that I have never felt before. I love you so much and you will always be my #wcw always and forever Whitney. ❤️❤️ #ncstatefair #perfect #love #couplegoals #glasses #beautiful #beard #beardgang #oneinamillion #yeti @whitnayyk
User Image localunch3 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:24 PM (UTC)
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User Image ruralris Posted: Nov 21, 2017 3:36 AM (UTC)
1 Normal
A recap of our time at the @ncstatefair is on the blog. It means a little more than fried food and rides for me.
#nothingcouldbefiner #livestock #stockshow #ncstatefair
User Image britterz_90 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:21 AM (UTC)
8 Ludwig
Throw back to the fair 🎡❤️ plus only ten work days left till we leave for Paris! 🇫🇷 #paris #christmas #vacation #tbt #ncstatefair #mcm

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