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Grab your best girls, kick up your Manolos and down some Cosmos at #SexAndTheCityTrivia Wednesday, January 24 @ 7:30pm. *Full menu avail 📺RSVP @ (link in bio) #RaleighNightLife
User Image hidden_lotus Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:59 AM (UTC)
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I's not Friday, so sue me😏 here's a #facetoface anyways lol
I'm not gonna lie, the last year has been complete shit for me guys. That dark place found me again and almost consumed me. #depression and #anxiety are no joke. I gained back 25 lbs that took me so fucking long to drop and it crushed me. I cried, I ate my weight in crap, and then I cried some more. WTF María why are you saying all this, you ask? Well, because I know that out there someone is going through this shit, and I want them to know #youarenotalone
Guys, I mean it when I say you can inbox me if you're going through some shit! NO ONE, should have to go through life #alone. If I can #survive so can you!🤗❤ let's get back in this game together! Who cares what people say!? It's time to give #zerofucks about people who don't pay your bills or walk in your footsteps!
User Image natural_stylist_toshiba Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:56 AM (UTC)

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User Image oppangofficial Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:47 AM (UTC)
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Check out what KoreaFest is all about and come join us in the fun! Kpop contest and korean food, korean clothes + much more korean stuff!!
#nckoreafest2018 February 17th 2018, @raleigh kallscott building.
Also excited McDonald's is one of our sponsors .. they will be passing out info on Korean McDonalds Menus and will be bringing cookies, pies, and other yummy sweets! Join us!
@danakadan @mcdonalds @gkwfcarolinas .
#raleigh #raleighnc #downtownraleigh #statefair #northcarolina #nc #korean #koreanfood #koreanclothing #coreancosmetics #koreanculture #danakadan #kpop #kpopdance #kpopcontest #event #bts #exo #got7 #seventeen #wannaone #blackpink #redvelvet #twice #kimchi #hanbok #kcon #ncstate
User Image mjblack27 Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:43 AM (UTC)

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Grant got to walk in a parade of superheroes at the NC State game Sunday. #GrantPics #GoPack #NCState
User Image thetabncsu Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:35 AM (UTC)
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CONGRATULATIONS to the first round of students accepted into the NC State Class of 2022! We can’t wait for you to join us at this innovative institution where we think & do!
I enjoyed visiting NC State University today! WOLF!! 🐺🐾🔴😎 #ncstate
It’s a real thing , this struggle with keeping up. It’s got to be in every entrepreneurs mind at some point , that they aren’t sure if they are doing it right or doing it well. Let’s face it, to us someone is always booking more, getting paid more, going to much cooler locations for work, or just seem to manage it all seamlessly.
Not this momma right now 👎🏻 nope. The last two days I have been overwhelmed with my business budget and what I should and should not invest in. Should I cut this corner ? Should I get a cheaper brand so that I can get more stuff? Should I invest in analytics? Boost more? Whew, enter exhaustion.
I know this is a bit longer of a post and I may be going on a little more, but this is something I hope to one day manage better. I’ve luckily have a great group of friends, family, clients and mentors who are behind me pushing and cheering. Telling me it’s ok and to take a breath. My family is healthy, we have food to eat and warm places to sleep. Im further than I was months ago and even yesterday.
Double tap if you hear me. Comment if you’ve been there. DM me if you want to share stories of growth! I’m here.
User Image shrunkenheadstore Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:04 AM (UTC)
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Today was a GDTBATH 💙🐑☀️
User Image ballersbridge Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:01 AM (UTC)
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took off on two feet w/ full extension 👽@desmith4 in high school 🚀🤦🏾‍♂️ TB clip 📹 via Twitter @bhallwfmy
User Image melissamcbrien Posted: Jan 23, 2018 11:59 PM (UTC)

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Accepted to NC State, we are so proud of our Sweet, Hard-Working Shannon🐺🐾! #wolfpacknation #ncstate

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