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This magical lake with many Inca myths is situated at a very high altitude. Our walk led us up to 4000 meters with splendid views upon la Isla de la Luna and Peru and the deep blue waters of Lago Titicaca 🇧🇴 The northern part of the island wasn't accessible at that time due to a conflict between the island's main inhabitants.

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Bonneville Salt Flats, Northern Utah
"When I pulled into the rest stop before Wendover, I was disappointed to see that the Salt Flats were completely flooded with no salt textures. I jumped back in the car and continued driving for a couple of minutes. There! The water was receding and I spotted some salt cracks. I pulled off the freeway and walked out a ways and found these gorgeous textures.
The color of the sky, while beautiful, was due to the increasing air pollution in Northern Utah." ❤️😋

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