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I enjoyed every minute of this project with, Annie is one of the loveliest I’ve met and the handcrafted homeware is just beautiful. I’ll certainly be sharing more of this project as the weeks go on. Their newly relaunched website is now live (with the joyful addition of a 15% online discount if you use NAMOKI17). Go take a look ✨
The Holy Cross is visible within my auric field as it always has, today to shine anew with the rising October sun, my vantage point of my bed, the universe greets me with the most spectacular light show every morning. I am. You are. The light of everyday and everything. We are. #onelove #aswritteninthestars #aswritteninthelight #namaste #noedit #naturallight #supernaturallife #goddess #shamanyoga
i have about 10,000 things due and to do today and no clue how i'm going to finish it all, and to prepare for this big day of tasks, i stayed up all night looking at zillow in the cities we could move for steven's fellowship. whyyy. mama needs coffee. but first, @fit_4_mom.
A sweet centerpiece detail from Britt and Chris’s wedding last weekend.
Happy Friday! It's a beautiful day and I'm off to photograph Erika and Keegan's wedding! 💚

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