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User Image prontoticket Posted: Dec 14, 2017 4:55 PM (UTC)

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Registrazione inedita e natalizia di #PaulMcCartney, la notizia perfetta per questo momento dell'anno! 🎄 È stato digitalizzato dall'amico e biografo Simon Wells un prezioso nastro casalingo del cantante dei #Beatles datata 1965. Dura 18 minuti e include sia momenti di relax con i compagni di #band che brani di #FrankSinatra, #NatKingCole, #Elvis e #RollingStones 🎼
User Image ji_ho_22 Posted: Dec 14, 2017 4:49 PM (UTC)
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User Image medical_aesthetician_jb Posted: Dec 14, 2017 4:35 PM (UTC)

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What is your theme song? When I'm working it would be "unforgettable " by Nat King Cole. Outside of work I'm more G-Eazy and Halsey right now!
User Image bugraaksey Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:54 PM (UTC)

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Jazz aşığı yetenekli öğrencim @defne_tanturk , tartımı ve melodisi oldukça zor olan “Take Five” parçasını harika bir şekilde tamamladı 🤩
User Image oz_ilan123 Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:44 PM (UTC)

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Well, there it is - "Jungle Bells!"🎅🎄🎅🎄 A short "Jingle Bells" tune I composed for this time of the year. There's an excerpt from the full video, which you can find via the link in my bio🎵🎵 Merry Christmas!🎄🎄
User Image 447raven Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:47 PM (UTC)

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User Image ststories Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:27 PM (UTC)

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TBT From our archives. Nat King Cole rehearsing at the Astoria Finsbury Park for the opening show of his 10 day tour of England in 1963. Photograph by Kelvin Brodie #SundayTimes #STStories #natkingcole #theastoria #finsburypark #1963 #bandw #BW #singer #artist #tbt
If you like our #ThrowBackThursdaypictures then visit the Instagram and Twitter feeds from our colleagues 
User Image lorilovesroses Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:58 PM (UTC)

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Throw back to the time I slaughtered my Granny in air hockey. I miss this woman dearly. She was a huge influence on me and my becoming a believer. At times her doctrine was wacky but she was the coolest ever. Always dressed like a proper beautiful lady. She was a fashionista. Once in California when I was 6 she took my cousin and I out for donuts. When we arrived we found a homeless disheveled man sitting up against the establishment crying with a few wadded up bills in his hand. My granny inquired on what was wrong. He told her that he had money to pay but that the shop kicked him out for how he looked and smelled. Immediately she went inside and bought a box of donuts. She looked at my cousin and I and said "Girls, you each take 2. The rest we are giving to that man." Ruby Delores aka Dee I can't wait to see you again. "Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too"

#tbt #throwbackthursday #granny #grandma #grandmother #love #airhockey #unforgettable #natkingcole #empathy #donuts #memories
User Image muextension Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:35 PM (UTC)

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Don’t just sing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 🎵🔥🎵 Roast your own with these 5 easy steps.

1. Make a deep slit across the center of the rounded side. Prepare a charcoal fire on your grill.

2. Place up to 3 pounds of chestnuts in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover with wet paper towel and heat, 3 to 5 minutes per pound.

3. Put scored nuts in a stainless-steel wok or cast-iron skillet and place on grill.

4. Roast for 20 minutes, turning frequently. Once cooled, nuts are easy to peel.
5. Put chestnuts in a long-handled metal pan and roast 5 to 10 minutes over a bonfire. 🔥💛🔥 #MUEXT101 #chestnuts #TBT #natkingcole
User Image jenny_fajardo Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:10 PM (UTC)
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Happiest Birthday Diego Castro @diegokcastro 🎈🎉🎁....Such a wonderful celebration while creating lung cancer awareness💋 Thank you for having me over💋
#lungcancerph #song #sing #jam #perform #manila #asian #thenearnessofyou #natkingcole #testtalktakeaction
User Image sbess_edu Posted: Dec 14, 2017 1:48 PM (UTC)

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Caption: "Say, Nat. You have got to tell me the name of your hairstylist, baby." 😁 #sammydavisjr #thecandyman #natkingcole #1950s #1950sfashion #funnymemes #caption #coloquial #hairstylist #stockingcap #durag
User Image if_music_be_the_food Posted: Dec 14, 2017 1:36 PM (UTC)

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Day 13 Jack and Sally (a great love album): L•O•V•E - Nat King Cole

A perfect soundtrack for falling in love 💕

Song: The Girl from Ipanema

#decvinylchallenge @_kingvibes #natkingcole #love #oldschool #jazz #crooner #music #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinyljunkie #collection #recordcollection #analogmusic #keepspinning
User Image lyricterminal Posted: Dec 14, 2017 1:26 PM (UTC)
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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose. #natkingcole #thechristmassong #themagicofchristmas
User Image madrasshirtco Posted: Dec 14, 2017 12:29 PM (UTC)

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Thursday tokes with Nat King Cole. Pictured here at Capitol Recordings Studio in L.A., 1963. Hat is 👌.

#natkingcole #smokes #toking #headwear #porkpiehat #menswear #mensfashion #jazz

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