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User Image ___havanah___ Posted: Mar 19, 2018 4:41 PM (UTC)

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𝑩𝒆𝒏𝒌𝒊 𝑷𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒌𝒐 nous dit : "Je suis un être humain agissant consciemment pour défendre les droits des plus démunis sur cette terre". 🏹
Benki est un gardien de la forêt, de la culture indigène, un éveilleur de conscience, il dérange !

La persécution des peuples indigènes continue. Benki Piyãnco du peuple Ashaninka est l'un des leaders indigènes brésiliens de la jeune garde le plus respecté. Son engagement en faveur de la protection de la forêt amazonienne et de ses gardiens, les peuples indigènes, ses programmes de reforestation et d'agro-foresterie sont acclamés et récompensés dans le monde entier. Son influence grandissante est apparemment devenue une menace trop importante pour tous ceux qui profitent de la destruction du poumon vert de la planète, indispensable à notre propre survie.
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User Image ancient_sky Posted: Mar 19, 2018 2:52 AM (UTC)

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Ancient art, the night sky and light.
Just south of the border of Utah and Arizona lies this petroglyph. Not too far from some high voltage powerlines, but alone in the desert.
No trail or cairns take you here. A small two track road, which I foolishly drove my old van down, passes by a few hundred feet away. This road lacked any tire tracks, no vehicles had passed since whenever the previous rain fell.
Maybe most people think there is just nothing to see out here. But things are out here. The entire desert across the southwest is strewn with memories of the ancestors of people alive today.
These lands need to be protected and remembered.

Next month on April 21, I will be participating in an Earth Day Market in Salt Lake City with Wild Earth to raise funds for the Friends of Cedar Mesa Visitor Center. Their mission is to educate people how to visit the land around Cedar Mesa with respect. They strive to preserve the memories encased in the precious landscape of the Bears Ears. @wildearthslc. #friendsofcedarmesa #earthday #startrails #petroglyph #wildearthslc #wildearth #nightphotography #defendbearsears #nocturnal #pictographs #desert #starlight #bearsears #nativerights #defendbearsears #sustainable #outsideisbest #rockart #kanab #astrophotography #longexposure
User Image impoweryou Posted: Mar 18, 2018 8:19 PM (UTC)

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I found this under the bed. It was left/lost by one of the #gringos who stayed at the retreat center.
"In fact, undoing racism is inevitable. White supremacy can't last..... The need many white people have to reclaim our full humanity stolen now some five hundred years and counting can only be achieved by destroying the beast that dehumanized us in the first place. It won't be easy. ... Bit racism cannot last. In fact as a vital belief system it is already dying. The myriad of changes at work in the world today - from the rise of China and India as world economic powers to the changing demographics in the United States - already signal that the hegemony of the United States and Europe will not dominate the future world..." #DavidBillings "Deep Denial: the Persistence of White Supremacy in United States History and Life." ....
💜 💜 💜 ...
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User Image jennyrosefoster Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:14 PM (UTC)

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MARCH IS WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH: Today let's celebrate SARAH WINNEMUCCA | An Outspoken Advocate. //
"“For shame! For shame! You dare to cry out Liberty, when you hold us in places against our will, driving us from place to place as if we were beasts.” - Winnemucca
Born circa 1844 in present-day Nevada, Sarah Winnemucca — the daughter and granddaughter of Northern Paiute chiefs — learned English and Spanish as a child, in addition to three Indian dialects. In the 1870s, these abilities led to her serving as an interpreter at Fort McDermitt and then on the Malheur Reservation.
After the Bannock War of 1878 — during which Winnemuccca showed her mettle by working as an army scout, and also rescued a group of Paiute that included her father — some Paiute were forcibly relocated to the Yakima Reservation. Winnemucca, who had already seen how American Indians were at the mercy of sometimes corrupt reservation agents, decided to advocate for Native American land rights and other systemic improvements.
In 1879, Winnemuccca lectured in San Francisco. The next year she met with President Rutherford B. Hayes in Washington, D.C. Winnemucca also became the first Native American woman to produce a published book, Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims (1883). The work included powerful statements such as: “For shame! For shame! You dare to cry out Liberty, when you hold us in places against our will, driving us from place to place as if we were beasts.”
The U.S. government committed to reforms, including a return to Malheur for the Paiute. However, in the end nothing changed.
Winnemucca died in 1891. Despite the setbacks she’d encountered, she was a forceful advocate for her people.
(Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.biography.com/.amp/news/famous-native-american-women-native-american-heritage-month)
User Image w4w.jpeg Posted: Mar 16, 2018 2:15 PM (UTC)
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"Colonial and patriarchal values devalue the traditional, cultural and governance roles of Aboriginal women and girls"
#womensrights #nativerights #nativewomensrights #girlssupportgirls #thanksgirls #womenforwomen #toronto #blackowned #statscanada
User Image krazi_ntv Posted: Mar 16, 2018 9:36 AM (UTC)

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Such an upsetting story, as Rosebud is up in arms & want justice. *know more later today.
#rosebud #nativerights #nativelivesmatter #nativeamerican #nativepride #indigenous #sioux
User Image this.day.we.fight Posted: Mar 15, 2018 2:29 PM (UTC)

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Regrann from @tommorello - Today Trump’s fascist ICE thugs arrested a close friend of my family and deported her without due process. She’s not a “Bad Hombre”, she’s a GRANDMOTHER who’s been here for over 30 years and worked hard and honest jobs and raised a beautiful, hard working family. They dumped her in Tijuana with NOTHING, no money, no nothing. Fuck this fucking heartless administration. And FUCK YOU (preemptively) in the comments section if u troll shit about a loving grandma who might never see her grandchildren again because a big orange adulterous sack of shit sent a Handmaid’s Tale black van to spirit her away in this 2018 Orwellian Nightmare. #LegalizeMe #regrann
#racism #genocide #whitesupremacy #evil #ice #thugs #blm #blacklivesmatter #immigrantrights #trump #impeachtrump #maga #vote #registertovote #november62018 #removeallrepublicans #hatred #fuckICE #nazis #amerikkka #america #gayrights #gay #womensrights #native #nativerights
User Image dr.watts.on Posted: Mar 15, 2018 5:25 AM (UTC)
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